Portable Barriers

Portable Barriers
Portable barriers are the most effective product for handling large crowds. These welded galvanized steel barriers are ideal for outdoor and heavy duty use. If you are planning an event or are involved in an industrial work site, the need to insure both personal and public safety, needs to be considered. The use of signs and portable barriers can be a good way to help with doing so.

Now you can replace old, rusting metal fence barriers with a modern and functional designed fence, light, versatile, easy to store, and pleasing in appearance with ecological and recyclable polypropylene. Our Movit plastic portable barricade is easy to handle, lightweight, has quick interlinking units and no removable feet - no weak points.

Our new Multi-Gate barricade is the only "one piece" product in the market,allowing for stronger unit with no weak points. It is a portable high impact and temperature resistant plastic expandable barricade designed to quickly render areas safe for both crowd control and vehicles. There is highly visible reflective tape on four sides achieving exceptional visibility. The Multi-Gate expands 90 inches and locks in place at a desired length. There is a place to attach a reflector unit and an option to fill with water.

Our barricades are used worldwide in Parks, Parking, Restaurant, Street Fairs, Carnivals, Construction Sites, Police Activities, Ski Resorts, Private Pools, Sports, Universities, Military, Concerts, Airports, Stadiums, Parties, Camps, Rental Companies, Malls, Casinos, Convention Centers, Theatres, Zoos and for all types of other events requiring barricades for crowd control.

Providing portable barriers or plastic barriers that restrict potentially dangerous areas can help manage people and help to insure a safe environment. If you are at risk of the general public wandering straight into your factory or workshop, or planning an event or function, choosing the right portable barrier will help to provide a safe and enjoyable environment.

For all of your crowd control needs, you may want to consider using a portable barrier, along with sign stands, to help you control traffic and maintain safer public and pedestrian roads, streets and walkways. Portable barriers are freestanding, can be light weight and will help protect and direct your customers and/or staff. Along with other crowd management implementation, they can be used at events to insure a safe and manageable environment.

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