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Get discount crowd control stanchions from, the #1 stanchion distributor on the web. We specialize in crowd control stanchions and barrier systems. We sell the highest quality Stanchions (Stantions), Portable Barriers, and Velvet Rope dividers in the industry. We carry all types of premium stanchions for any industry: Display Stanchions, Heavy Duty Utility Stanchions, Single and Dual Line Stanchions, Velour stanchions, and more. Plastic Posts and Chains, Retractable Belt Barriers, and other crowd control equipment are also available for great prices. Not only do we offer quick shipment on all products, but any order over $100 qualifies for FREE shipping!

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Economy PRIME Conventional Post and Rope Stanchions: Ship Same Day!

U.S. Made, Fully Customizable Retractable Belt Stanchions with 10' Belt

Wall Mount Retracta-Belts (up to 50 ft long)

Featured Products On Sale Now

Retractable Belt PRIME Stanchions Post for Crowd Control
Regular price: $74.70
Sale price: $57.40
Retractable Belt Stanchion with 3" Wide Belt
Regular price: $230.20
Sale price: $177.10
Retractable Dual Line Stanchion with 3" Wide Belt
Regular price: $366.20
Sale price: $281.70
Outdoor Retractable Belt PRIME Stanchion
Regular price: $104.60
Sale price: $80.40
Economy Warehouse 15', 20', 25' & 30'  Automatic Retracting Unit
Regular price: $106.20
Sale price: $81.70
Single Line Post  w/ 30' Retractable Belt Stanchion
The longest crowd control retractable belt stanchion on the market!
Regular price: $447.00
Sale price: $343.90

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If you're shopping for an effective way to maintain crowd control in your public space, whether it's a movie theater, museum or auto show, you'll find the stanchions you need to ensure your guests stay in the right places and follow the appropriate pathways.

Our huge selection of stanchions includes those with plastic bases, retractable belt PRIME stanchions and so much more. We also offer free shipping on orders of $100 and up, and we pride ourselves on shipping quickly so you can get what you need without losing valuable time. In fact, many of our in-stock products ship the same day.

Crowd Control Experts: The Stanchion Superstore

We sell the highest quality stanchions available on the market. We have portable barriers, velvet rope dividers, plastic posts and chains and other barriers that you can use in nearly any location.

Why Use Portable Stanchions?

In addition to serving as a visual barrier, portable stanchions make an excellent guidance system and queue organizer. As your event evolves, simply pick up the stanchions and barricades; they're easy to reconfigure and relocate, and they're seamless to store.

What Types of Crowd Control Barriers are Available?

In addition to carrying fixed metal stanchions, posts and barricades, we have beam and panel systems, retractable belt stanchions, and stanchions that include sign holders.

Our stanchions are ideal for any location that requires you to manage the flow of visitors and guests. They can be used in parking lots, near temporary displays, and in front of exhibits; they're perfect for creating lines at security checkpoints, keeping curious onlookers away from displays and several other uses.

At, we specialize in delivering stable, reliable and versatile stanchions to all of our customers. We can even customize retractable belts so you can work on your company's branding, create custom signs for you and performed a whole host of other services that can help you with your crowd control needs.

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