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Utility & Industrial Safety Solutions

Utility & Industrial Safety Solutions
The utility and industrial safety solutions available from Crowd Control Experts will help you run your business more efficiently, safely and economically. Whether you’re looking for safety solutions for fossil or wind-generation plants, refineries, power stations, chemical plants, construction companies or practically any other line of heavy industrial work, Crowd Control Experts has top-quality products available at economical prices with fast shipping. We’ll save you money with our low prices and also save you headaches and potential lawsuits by keeping workers and visitors safer when they’re on your work site.

More Information on Utility and Industrial Safety Solutions

We carry a variety of products to keep vehicles and machinery in their proper place. Whether you’re looking for a flexible traffic separator or for line stanchions outside, queue up machinery, you can keep vehicles and people in their proper places for maximum efficiency and safety with our diverse, economical lineup of cones, barricades, tapes and stanchions. Our outdoor Retracta-Belt stanchions, for instance, are made of rustproof recycled rubber and aluminum and have been treated for resistance to the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays to keep them highly visible even in the darkest and most severe conditions outdoors.

Crowd Control Experts also offers a huge choice of indoor barriers and barricades that can help you delineate foreign material exclusion zones, dangerous equipment and warehouse loading docks.

Our janitorial supplies include industrial-strength products that will help you keep your facilities clean, creating a pleasant working environment and promoting industrial and personal hygiene. These necessities include everything from paper supplies to cleaning chemicals and tools to skin care and personal hygiene accessories for your employees and guests. Built to tackle the toughest industrial jobs, these products will provide you outstanding performance at a very economical cost.
Retracta-Belt StanchionsThese heavy duty stanchions with retractable belts can be used indoors and outdoors to keep workers and visitors out of restricted areas and away from hazards.
Versa-Guard Expanding BarricadesMinimize accidents with these expandable, brightly colored barricades. They can be moved around wherever needed and are durable and freestanding. Use for both security and safety in high-risk areas.
Water Filled Jersey Barrier WallsWater filled jersey barriers provide an effective perimeter barricade along roadways in industrial areas. Use them to delineate lanes, direct traffic, maintain parking areas and control crowds.
Concrete Security BarriersAttain maximum security and public safety in high-risk industrial facilities with permanent anti-terrorist concrete security barriers.
Traffic ConesDirect and control traffic at utility and industrial sites with economically priced traffic cones, grabber cones, looper tubes and traffic rails
Safety ProductsHave a wide variety of safety devices on hand for temporary workplace hazards, to protect sensitive machinery and keep unauthorized personnel out of restricted areas. There are safety stanchions, barriers, signs, cones, portable barricades and more.
BarricadesUse these heavy duty barricades to block off parking areas, keep workers away from construction areas within industrial facilities and warn of temporary hazards.
Parking Safety ProductsSlow down vehicles and heavy equipment in high-traffic areas with easy-to-install speed bumps, raised pavement markers and lane separators.
Manhole EquipmentWhen you need to regularly access underground cables and wiring and transport heavy equipment in and out, these manhole products will help you do this safely.
Signs and Sign HoldersGive employees and visitors vital information with these signs and sign holders, and maintain safety and security at your utility company or other industrial site.
Plastic Posts & ChainsThese plastic posts and chains are a cost-effective industrial safety solution, for blocking access to restricted areas and protecting employees from dangers.
Janitorial SuppliesStock up on industrial-grade yet economically priced cleaning supplies for your facility. You'll also find protective gloves and clothing, first aid supplies, fire extinguishers and petroleum sorbent pads, essential supplies for a factory or industrial site for workplace safety and to comply with OSHA regulations.
Barrier Tapes; Detectable and Non-Detectable Marking Tapes and Reflective TapesBarrier tapes warn employees of off-limit areas and potential hazards. Underground marking tape identify buried pipes, while reflective safety tapes can be used on buildings, roads, fences, poles and vehicles to signify dangers.

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