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Stanchions FAQ

Stanchions FAQ
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All the information you need on Crowd Control Experts products, including stanchion frequently asked questions, information on how to design efficient crowd control layouts, information on the correct rope and stanchion setup, information on barrier stanchions for vehicle traffic and some stanchion comparison information.

What quality standards does Crowd Control Experts have? Crowd Control Experts partners with reputable manufacturers to achieve wholesale pricing for customers. We maintain high quality standards, and many of our suppliers make their stanchions, barriers and crowd control equipment in the U.S.

What can I do about a defective product? If you receive a new product with defective materials or flaws in workmanship, your product may be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. See individual warranties for eligibility. If your product appears to have been damaged during transit, file a claim with the carrier company. We also have replacement parts available to help you make repairs.

Are there warranties available? Yes, we have warranties available for many of our products. The details of the warranty depend on the manufacturer. Visiontron • Value Series Retracta-Belt: 5-year warranty • Retracta-Banner: 1-year warranty • PRIME Products: 3-year warranty • All other Visiontron products are covered under warranty for 10 years. Queueway • Comprehensive 1-year warranty on all products. Glaro • Limited 2-year warranty.

What are your shipping rates? Our crowd management systems are eligible for free standard shipping through UPS. Rush orders and alternative shipping methods are available upon request.

The inventory at Crowd Control Experts includes several options for crowd control posts and ropes. Find the set that works best for your venue or event by comparing products. When considering a post and rope setup, remember the type of fastening. Selecting portable, removable or wall-mounted posts is going to affect the type and length of rope that you will require.

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