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Stanchions & Retractable Belt Barriers by Type

Stanchions by Type
Stanchions by Type
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Product Description

When you need to make sure people move in an orderly fashion, whether itís in your place of business or elsewhere, you need the right crowd control stanchions. Ideal for security checkpoints, regulating the flow of foot traffic and so much more, our selection of stanchions and retractable belt barriers contains a number of types and styles to suit your needs.

Stanchions & Retractable Belt Barriers by Type

Choose between light, medium, and heavy-duty stanchions and belt barriers to ensure that your crowd control methods are effective. We have plastic stanchions that are incredibly lightweight and easy to set up, as well as heavy-duty stanchions that are built to stay in place. Whether you need to funnel traffic in an outdoor or indoor setting, we have the right stanchion for you. Youíll find several lengths, as well, so finding what will work best in your application is easy.

The most basic stanchion is a 10-foot retractable belt barrier; these types of barriers are typically extremely cost-effective. You can also purchase 15-foot retractable belt barriers. The more foot traffic you need to regulate, the longer belt barrier youíll need to choose. CrowdControlExperts.com carries the only stanchion post on the market with a 30-foot belt extension, as well, which reduces setup time and costs associated with buying several posts.

In addition to belt barriers, we have posts and panels available. These are ideal for preserving a measure of privacy and preventing line-jumping. We carry utility stanchions made for outdoor use on construction sites and other locations that are exposed to the elements, stylish and attractive stanchions for sophisticated indoor environments, and everything in between.

Youíll find a number of configurations available in our comprehensive collection of stanchion posts and belts. Whether you want posh, velour ropes or you prefer ultra-tough vinyl belts, youíll find what works at CrowdControlExperts.com. We can help you achieve the right look, the right function and the right amount of crowd control ó itís just what we do.

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