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Schools and Universities

Schools and Universities
With their large populations of students, staff and faculty, their frequent paperwork and their regimented schedules, schools and universities cry out for planning and organization to keep things moving smoothly. Crowd Control Experts offers a wide variety of top-quality products suitable for schools and universities, including utility Retracta-Belts, safety products, restroom accessories and parking lot equipment. Best of all, we offer all of these products at economical prices to meet your budget, and our staff is always ready to answer your questions over the phone or via email.

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Our wall-mounted barriers and single-line posts with Retract-Belts give you multiple options for crowd control — an essential for every school, college and university, whether dealing with registration, athletic events or a host of other applications. We have stanchions available in a variety of attractive finishes for indoor use. Where floor space is at a premium, we also offer wall-mounted barriers that are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. These come with 2-inch belts that extend to 10 feet and are available in a variety of attractive colors.

Crowd Control Experts also carries rigid gym floor covers to protect your expensive gym floors for times when your school or university is hosting other events on them. For the outdoors, we offer a variety of equipment to help with vehicle control as well as with crowd control. These include rugged, durable and high-visibility traffic cones and barricades as well as parking safety products such as speed bumps and humps, traffic separators and car stops. All of these products are premium, industrial-strength quality and easy to install. They will give years of trouble-free use while also protecting your school or university’s facilities, students, employees and visitors.
Retracta-Belt StanchionsUse these sturdy, durable stanchions and belts to manage crowds at busy college campuses and universities.
Gym Floor CoversRigid ABS gym floor covers will protect hardwood or polyurethane floors from damage.
Parking Safety ProductsSlow down traffic to protect students, faculty, staff and visitors from accidents with easy-to-use speed bumps and traffic separators.
Wall Mounted BarriersWall mounted retractable barriers provide an effective safety solution in small areas such as school hallways, to protect people from hazards and block off restricted areas.
Plastic Posts & ChainsChoose these rugged, durable plastic posts and chains for a cost-effective way to keep staff, faculty and students safe from potential hazards and to keep them out of restricted areas.
Traffic ConesHigh-quality traffic cones and rails can be used along campus roadways and in parking lots to keep traffic away from construction areas, potholes and other hazards. They're also useful for blocking access to restricted parking spaces and other areas.
BarricadesUse portable barricades to warn the public of potential hazards on a school campus, or use as crowd control devices at sports games and special school events.
Safety ProductsThe wide range of safety products have many uses in a busy school facility or on a college campus. Safety stanchions, posts, barriers and barricades can be used for efficient crowd control. Safety cones and signs can warn of construction areas, wet floors and other hazards. Metal detectors can be used to screen students, faculty, staff and visitors to ensure optimal safety.
Janitorial SuppliesFor cleanliness and safety in schools and universities, we carry a full line of cleaning products, equipment, paper products and personal hygiene for bathrooms, food service supplies for cafeterias and essential first aid supplies and fire extinguishers.

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