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Safety Products

Safety Products
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Keep the public safe and orderly with high-quality safety barriers and other crowd control products, available at wholesale prices from Crowd Control Experts. We’re the largest wholesale distributor of crowd control and pedestrian traffic systems. Among our commercial-grade safety products, you’ll find retractable safety barriers, safety stanchions with belts, safety posts with chains, cones, signs and much more.

These heavy duty barricades, barriers, signs, safety cones, stanchions and metal detectors are used by many different types of facilities including Fortune 500 companies, hospitals and clinics, churches, hotels, restaurants, schools and government buildings, for the protection of the public and employees. A retractable safety barrier can be used to keep people away from a construction site, crime scene or a hazardous section of a public walkway.

Our Top Selling Safety Barricades and Posts include retractable safety wall barriers with printed warnings or the instantly recognizable yellow and black diagonal caution pattern. They’re available in different lengths and in models that attach to your existing posts or stanchions, or you can purchase a barrier post with the belt safety barrier.

If you need to temporary block off parking spaces in a busy lot, protect workers from potential hazards in an industrial building or restrict access in a public facility, you have a choice of weatherproof safety products that are built extremely tough to withstand the elements when used outdoors. There are retractable safety barriers with belts, safety posts with durable chains, highly visible safety sign holders, caution signs and cones for wet floors and plastic safety stanchions that can be customized.

You’ll also find a selection of portable walk-through metal detectors and hand-held metal detectors for security personnel at government buildings, concerts and sports events, conventions, schools and nightclubs. Our manhole equipment includes easily removable covers, protective rings, hooks and manhole rescue devices.

If it has to do with public safety, you’ll find it at Crowd Control Experts.

Top Selling Safety Barriers and Posts
Safety Stanchions with Belts
Safety Posts with Chains
Safety Sign Holders
Safety Ropes & Chains
Safety Cones & SignsSafety Barriers
Safety Wall Barriers
Manhole EquipmentSafety Posts with Belts
Outdoor Utility Retracta-Belt Stanchion with 10' Belt - Rubber Base
Regular price: $157.41
Sale price: $132.23
Versa-Guard Expanding BarricadesNEW Workplace Safety Plastic Stanchions
Regular price: $51.27
Sale price: $41.09
Regular price: $301.20
Sale price: $217.00
Movit Plastic Portable Barricade
Regular price: $241.00
Sale price: $175.00
Minit Plastic Portable Barricade
Regular price: $149.70
Sale price: $107.80
Xtendit Plastic Portable Barricade
Regular price: $105.00
Sale price: $77.00
Xpandit Plastic Expandable Barricade
Regular price: $262.40
Sale price: $189.00
Safety & Security Signs
Regular price: $49.40
Sale price: $34.58
Stowaway Safety Barriers
TensaCone Safety Cone & Belt
Regular price: $145.80
Sale price: $133.00
NEW Retracta-Cone Cone Topper Retractable Barrier - 10' Belt
Regular price: $46.64
Sale price: $39.18
NEW Retracta-Cone Cone Topper Retractable Barrier - 15' Belt
Regular price: $98.58
Sale price: $62.33

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