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Safety Posts with Chains

Safety Posts with Chains
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Product Description

Choose our economically priced safety posts with chains from CrowdControlExperts.com to easily direct foot traffic indoors and out. These bright yellow all-weather plastic posts and chains have high-impact ABS bases that are weighted with solid metal for maximum stability. Use these high-impact posts to direct traffic or create a perimeter fence.

Safety Traditional Posts
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Sale price: $142.10
Safety Loop Crown Posts
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Sale price: $149.10
More Information for Safety posts with Chains

We have traditional yellow safety chains and stanchions with contrasting black posts. For large areas, consider our economical safety loop crown posts. These chains can be looped through each other, which means fewer posts are required. With our low-price guarantees and fast shipping, you can control small groups to large crowds without breaking your budget.

Plastic chains and posts are an inexpensive, easy-setup choice that can be quickly placed to direct unexpected long lines at theaters, airports, festivals and other events. The bright yellow color and placement of these posts and chains will keep lines orderly without the need for unwelcome announcements or verbal warnings. Place them strategically inside banks, government offices, clinics and public meeting venues to control the direction of foot traffic while keeping visitors away from selected areas.

Because of their all-weather construction our versatile crowd management posts and chains can be used to create orderly lines inside for conference registration desks or outside to safely steer lines toward entrances, exits and specific event spaces. Keep waiting orderly at valet parking stands, schools, festival ticket booths, construction sites and during special retail sales. You can also use these plastic stanchions and chains as barriers around areas where cleaning or painting is taking place, or around sensitive equipment or storage areas. We’re also your source for portable fencing systems at wholesale prices.

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