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Safety Ropes & Chains

Safety Ropes & Chains
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Product Description

Our plastic safety ropes and chains at CrowdControlExperts.com create a cautionary message with their bright yellow color. We have weather-resistant safety ropes in yellow and safety chains and ropes with diagonal yellow and black stripes. Order our chrome snap-ends and crimps to attach these highly visible barrier ropes to our bright yellow safety and utility stanchions.

1/2" Plastic Safety Yellow Ropes
Regular price: $1.75
Sale price: $1.23
1/2" Plastic Black and Yellow Ropes
Regular price: $1.75
Sale price: $1.23
Chrome Snap Ends and Crimps for Plastic Safety Rope
Regular price: $6.80
Sale price: $4.76
1" Safety Yellow Plastic Ropes with Chrome Snap Ends
Regular price: $55.70
Sale price: $38.99
More Information for Safety Ropes & Chains

Use our economically priced caution-yellow ropes and stanchions to mark off danger zones inside and outside your office, warehouse or construction area. Keep workers and visitors away from dangerous machinery or busy work zones. At parks and along public trails, warn pedestrians away from hazardous slopes and slippery riverbanks. At theme parks, arenas and resorts, surround areas where cleaning or maintenance is under way with bright yellow safety ropes and stanchions as an extra visual warning in addition to caution signs.

Because they’re portable, they can quickly create a barrier around spills or automotive accident sites in parking garages and on parking lots. They’re also a popular way to guide shoppers through crowded warehouse aisles. All outdoor stanchions are engineered to withstand the elements. Choose aluminum, stainless steel or rugged plastic posts to attach your ropes or chains. We have flat-base stanchions and posts with bases weighted with solid metal for maximum stability.

Also browse our safety barricades, cones and caution signs. To address specific safety concerns of industries as diverse as movie theaters, airports, schools and nuclear power plants, visit our Industry Specific Solutions page. When it comes to warehouse safety, our wall-mounted retractable belt barriers will restrict access to areas where forklifts are in use or prevent loading bay accidents. If you have questions about safety equipment for your specific needs, consult our knowledgeable staff. We’re the industry leader in crowd control and safety stanchions, belts, ropes, signs, caution tape and barricades.

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