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Retail & Restaurant Solutions

Retail & Restaurant Solutions
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Owners of retail and restaurant establishments don’t always think about crowd control. But they should. Using modern crowd-control techniques and equipment in your place of business can help you run your operation more smoothly and efficiently while also keeping your customers happy and ensuring that they will come back again and again.

Crowd Control Experts carries a huge lineup of premium crowd-control merchandise that will work for you and your business day or night. What’s more, we offer these professional products at low wholesale prices with fast, free shipping directly to you.

Retail & Restaurant Product ChecklistSingle Line Post w/ 10' Retracta-Belt Stanchions
Regular price: $161.12
Sale price: $135.35
Dual Line Stanchions w/ 10' Retracta-Belt
Regular price: $239.56
Sale price: $201.24
Heavy Duty Frame Post Mount
Conventional Portable Sign Post - Dome Base
Regular price: $170.66
Sale price: $143.36
Conventional Portable Sign Post - Flat Base
Regular price: $153.70
Sale price: $129.11
Portable Post- Crowd Control w/Urn Top & Dome Base
Regular price: $164.30
Sale price: $138.02
Portable Post- Crowd Control w/Ball Top & Dome Base
Regular price: $164.30
Sale price: $138.02
Portable Posts- Crowd Control w/Flat Top & Flat Base
Regular price: $143.10
Sale price: $120.21
Portable Posts- Crowd Control - Flat Base w/Ball Top
Regular price: $171.72
Sale price: $144.25
Portable Posts- Crowd Control - Dome Base w/Flat Top
Regular price: $146.28
Sale price: $122.88
Velour Ropes (Starting at 2 ft length)
Regular price: $48.76
Sale price: $40.96
Microfiber Ropes (Starting at 2 ft length)
Regular price: $51.94
Sale price: $43.63
Custom Dye-Sub Microfiber Ropes (Starting at 2 ft length)
Regular price: $74.20
Sale price: $62.33
Recycled Leather Ropes (Starting at 2 ft length)
Regular price: $51.94
Sale price: $43.63
More Information on Retail and Restaurant Solutions

For customer returns, checkouts and other areas of your business where lines of customers can stack up, customers can become irritated as they come to perceive they are wasting their time at your business. Our crowd-control devices can help you address this problem in several ways. For instance, our signs can direct customers to the proper line so they will get exactly the service they’re looking for rather than waiting in the wrong line. Our stanchions, belts and ropes can also be arranged in such a way to make lines look shorter and to take up much less precious floor space. Proper arrangement of lines with stanchions, ropes and belts can also help avert problems with customers “budging” in line and arguments breaking out.

While your customers are online, whether at a checkout, a return counter or anywhere else, they are also a captive audience. You can use this time to add to the branding of your business with one of our custom signs and sign frames or by ordering custom imprinting of your message or logo on our Retracta-Belts or stanchion caps.

If you are looking to add a touch of class to your restaurant, theater or retail operation, consider one of the attractive ropes available from Crowd Control Experts. Starting at 2 feet in length and ranging up to 10 feet, these ropes are available in a multitude of beautiful colors and rich materials, including velour, recycled leather and soft, strong and easy-to-clean 100 percent polyester microfiber.
Retracta-Belt StanchionsUse these retractable belt systems in front of busy service counters to keep the line orderly and prevent disagreements between customers.
Heavy Duty Frames Post MountsThese frames can be used for signs that instruct customers which line to stand in, or they can advertise the business or specific products and specials.
Portable Sign PostsPortable posts in brass, chrome or black finish add class to a business while providing effective crowd control at restaurant and nightclub entrances, hotel reception desks, jewelry counters and other retail establishments.
Portable PostsWall mounted retractable barriers provide an effective safety solution in small areas such as school hallways, to protect people from hazards and block off restricted areas.
Velour, Microfiber and Leather RopesUse these luxurious ropes along with the portable posts for allowing or restricting entrance to restaurants, clubs, special events and movie theatres. They're an effective yet classy device for crowd control.

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