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Oil & Gas Safety Solutions

Oil & Gas Safety Solutions
Working in the oil and gas industry presents an array of challenges. Simply put, it’s a dirty, dangerous business. To make your oil and gas operation as safe and clean as possible, Crowd Control Experts offers a huge selection of oil and gas safety solutions to fit practically any application. As always, we offer these important safety supplies at the lowest possible cost with fast shipping directly to you.

More Information on Oil and Gas Safety Solutions

Whether you’re looking for solutions to crowd control or are just in the market for janitorial supplies, our industrial company catalog of oil and gas safety solutions has you covered. The crowd control products we carry include items such as fixed barricades, expanding barricades and plastic posts and chains. If you need to control vehicles and heavy machinery, Crowd Control Experts carries parking safety products such as rumble strips, speed humps and bumps, traffic separators and more. These products save you money with our low prices, and they also save labor costs, because they’re easy to install. We also carry heavy-duty barriers, including water-filled Jersey barrier walls and concrete security barriers.

The safety products we offer include brightly colored cones, barriers and signs with prominent, easy-to-read lettering to warn of hazardous areas on site. We even have high-tech safety equipment, such as night-vision devices that can take pictures for surveillance and evidence.

Crowd Control Experts carries underground detectable and non-detectable marking tape for identification, protection and warning of utility lines. These inexpensive tapes can pay for themselves many times over by preventing accidental digging of and damage to underground pipes. We also carry a wide variety of reflective safety tapes that can be affixed to buildings, poles, fences, or virtually anything else to warn of above-ground hazards.
Water Filled Jersey Barrier WallsThese anti-ramming perimeter barricades will minimize damage from accidental or intended vehicle impact, making them essential for oil, gas and other utility facilities as part of their security procedures.
Concrete Security BarriersFor public safety at utility companies and in government facilities, these concrete security barriers offer maximum protection without detracting from outdoor design.
Traffic ConesControl traffic in and around an oil or gas plant with these durable traffic cones and traffic rails.
Safety ProductsTo protect employees from workplace hazards and to screen employees and visitors before entering a facility, we have barriers and posts, safety stanchions and belts, safety barriers, cones and signs, safety posts with chains, sign holders, manhole equipment, barricades, night vision devices, metal detectors and surveillance equipment.
BarricadesPremium barricades can be used at an oil or gas facility, electrical plant or other utility company to warn employees of potential dangers and keep people away from sensitive equipment.
Barrier Tapes; Detectable and Non-Detectable Marking Tapes and Reflective TapesWe offer various kinds of safety tapes, such as printed barrier tapes for different types of hazard and reflective tape that can be used on buildings, poles and fences. The underground detectable and non-detectable marking tape can be used to detect and identify utility infrastructure, pipes and utility lines. They're available with brightly colored stripes or printed caution messages.
Parking Safety ProductsUse these traffic control products such as speed bumps, car stops, speed humps and traffic separators to control vehicles and heavy equipment in high-traffic areas of your oil, electrical or gas facility. Improve safety through vehicle control.
Manhole EquipmentService and maintain manholes for both utility and safety with high-quality manhole equipment, including cover removers, protective rings and rescue devices.
Versa-Guard Expanding BarricadesVersa-Guard expanding barricades offer a freestanding, portable and easy-to-erect expanding barricade to prevent workplace accidents in a high-risk utility plant and to keep workers from sensitive equipment.
Signs and Sign HoldersChoose from stanchion sign holders, sign inserts, counter signs, wall mounted signs and other types of sign frames to communicate important messages and warnings to utility company workers. Signs can be used as safety warnings to protect workers and comply with OSHA regulations.
Plastic Posts & ChainsThese plastic posts and chains are an economical way to control traffic and warn employees about potentially hazardous or restricted areas. They're strong and durable for long-lasting use.
Janitorial SuppliesKeep gas, oil and other utility facilities clean and safe with high performance janitorial supplies such as high-density trash bags, chemical disinfectants and cleaners, material handling equipment, waste receptacles, protective gloves and hand sanitizers.

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