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Nuclear Power Safety Solutions

Nuclear Power Safety Solutions
As global warming becomes an increasing concern, many people are turning to nuclear power as a solution. This source of power is clean and produces no greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide. Crowd Control Experts carries a variety of products to help you produce nuclear power safely as well as cleanly.

Nuclear Power Safety Product ChecklistEconomy Warehouse 15', 20', 25' & 30'  Automatic Retracting Unit
Regular price: $94.34
Sale price: $79.25
Nuclear Safety Magenta Retractable Belt Stanchions
Regular price: $106.00
Sale price: $89.04
Outdoor Utility Retracta-Belt Stanchion with 10' Belt - Rubber Base
Regular price: $157.41
Sale price: $132.23
Single Line Post  w/ 30' Retractable Belt Stanchion
Regular price: $411.28
Sale price: $345.48
Versa-Guard Expanding BarricadesNEW Workplace Safety Plastic Stanchions
Regular price: $51.27
Sale price: $41.09
Water Filled Jersey Barrier Walls
Traffic ConesBarrier Tapes
Regular price: $18.00
Sale price: $13.64
Reflective Safety Tapes
Regular price: $19.00
Sale price: $13.64
Underground Detectable Marking Tape
Regular price: $303.20
Sale price: $259.00
Underground Non-Detectable Marking Tape
Regular price: $124.40
Sale price: $105.00
Safety Products
Parking Safety ProductsManhole EquipmentNEW Single Line Post w/ 10' Retracta-Belt Stanchions
Regular price: $117.66
Sale price: $95.35
Signs & Sign Holders
Plastic Posts & Chains
More Information on Nuclear Power Safety Solutions

Our nuclear safety solutions can help protect employees and the public. The retractable barrier exclusion zone tapes available from Crowd Control Experts give you great flexibility by letting you seal off areas that are off limits but allowing easy access by authorized personnel. Our wall-mounted retractable barriers, for instance, provide an excellent alternative to plastic barriers, which can cause people to trip and fall and can add up to liability risks in industrial environments of $50,000 per incident. These wall-mounted retractable barriers are resistant to all weather conditions and suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use. We offer these belts in many bright, highly visible colors with restrictive wording suitable for specific applications in nuclear power plants.

Clean and safe floors are crucial to a safe environment in practically any industry, and at Crowd Control Experts, we carry a wide range of cleaning supplies and janitorial maintenance and safety equipment that can be a nuclear power plant’s flooring solution. These supplies include a wide range of cleaners, chemicals and equipment as well as first aid kits and fire extinguishers, among many other products.

In addition to belts, Crowd Control Experts also carries a variety of heavy-duty barriers, including water-filled and concrete security barriers, to help with vehicle control. In addition, our tough, high-density polyethylene plastic traffic cones, looper tubes and grabber cones will help ensure that vehicles and machinery go where they are supposed to and don’t stray into areas that are off limits, dangerous or both.

No matter what solution you’re looking for in a nuclear power application, you’ll find high-quality products here at Crowd Control Experts at a low price. If you have questions, just call our friendly, knowledgeable staff or send us an email for quick, informative answers.
Versa-Guard Expanding BarricadesThese portable, freestanding expanding barriers are durable yet easy to move around. Keep a nuclear power facility safe and OSHA-compliant with these brightly colored barricades to warn of hazardous areas.
Water Filled Jersey Barrier WallsFor high-risk facilities such as nuclear power plants, concrete security barriers offer the ultimate in security. They create permanent barriers near sensitive areas, keeping unauthorized personnel and potential terrorists away from key equipment.
Concrete Security BarriersFor high-risk facilities such as nuclear power plants, concrete security barriers offer the ultimate in security. They create permanent barriers near sensitive areas, keeping unauthorized personnel and potential terrorists away from key equipment.
Traffic ConesControlling traffic in and around nuclear facilities is a vital part of building security. These durable traffic cones can be used in various ways as part of your nuclear power plant safety solution.
Barrier Tapes; Detectable and Non-Detectable Marking Tapes and Reflective TapesBarrier tapes and reflective safety tapes are extremely versatile. They can warn of potential hazards in nuclear plants by being wrapped around hazardous equipment and poles in high-risk areas. Underground marking tapes can be used to warn of gas lines, electrical lines and other important pipes that are buried, which could potentially cause an environmental disaster if accidentally breached.
Safety ProductsThese various safety products such as stanchions, safety barriers and portable barricades, can be used to keep workers and visitors from dangerous or off-limits areas in your nuclear facility. Metal detectors and other surveillance equipment is essential for nuclear power plants.
BarricadesUse these temporary barricades to mark potentially hazardous areas in a nuclear plant and to keep unauthorized workers out of restricted areas.
Parking Safety ProductsControlling traffic in and around nuclear power plants with speed bumps and other devices increases overall safety and prevents accidents.
Manhole EquipmentProperly maintaining buried systems and wiring and having easy access to manholes is essential for any kind of utility plant.
Signs and Sign HoldersBeing able to direct employees in a utility plant facility is essential in workplace safety and for meeting OSHA regulations. These signs and sign holders allow you to pass along vital information to workers.
Plastic Posts & ChainsPlastic posts and chains are an economical way to protect workers in any industrial setting from potential workplace hazards. These products are extremely strong and durable.
Specialty Retractable BeltsWarn employees about nuclear safety with specially designed magenta colored retractable belt stanchions that indicate a nuclear area.
Janitorial SuppliesKeeping a nuclear power plant clean and free of debris is the first step in overall plant safety. In our full line of cleaning supplies, we also carry protective clothing, gloves, first aid kits and fire extinguishers.

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