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Product Description

A portable high impact and temperature resistant plastic expandable barricade designed to quickly render areas safe for both crowd control and vehicles. There is highly visible reflective tape on four sides achieving exceptional visibility. The Multi-Gate expands 90 inches and locks in place at a desired length. There is a place to attach a reflector unit and an option to fill with water.

Quick & easy set up, Lightweight, Easy to carry & store, Impact and Temperature resistant, Vehicle and crowd control, Locks in position at desired length, Block off area with safety tape slits, 52 reflective strips for exceptional visibility, Option - attach reflector unit (call for more information).

Various Applications that this item can used for such as: Parking garages, Maintenance, Construction Sites, Road Work Crew, Outdoor Events, Traffic Control, Evening Traffic Control, Street Closures, Parks, Resorts, Amusement Parks Law Enforcement & Fire Department, Military, Airport Hospitals.

Length closed: .35
Length opened: 90
Height: 43
Width: 19
Weight empty: 15 lbs
Filled with water: 35 lbs

Color: Fluorescent orange
Thermal resistance: + 55 C + 130 F
High density polyethylene
Recycled Material

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