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Wall Mounted Barriers

Wall Mounted Barriers
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Product Description

Our wall mounted retractable belt barriers are designed to be surface mounted for use when floor space is limited. These retracta-belt wall mounts can be used indoors or outdoors. Ideal applications are aisles, hallways and cash registers.

As warehouse retailing becomes more popular, so does safety in these areas. Our wall mount retractable belts and warehouse rack mount retractable belts allow for easy aisle closings or warnings alleviating traffic in work areas.

Retracta-Belt 10' Wall Mount Automatic Retracting Unit
Regular price: $68.90
Sale price: $57.88
Economy Wall Mount 15', 20', 25' & 30' Automatic Retracting Unit
Regular price: $90.10
Sale price: $75.69
Retracta-Belt 50' Wall Mount Manual Retracting Unit
Regular price: $400.68
Sale price: $336.58
NEW 65' Wall Mount Retracta-Belt
Regular price: $636.00
Sale price: $534.24
Retracta-Belt 10' Warehouse Automatic Retracting Unit
Regular price: $73.14
Sale price: $61.44
Economy Warehouse 15', 20', 25' & 30'  Automatic Retracting Unit
Regular price: $94.34
Sale price: $79.25
Wall Mounted Barrier Bracket
Regular price: $14.84
Sale price: $12.47
Receiving End for Retractable Belt Units
Regular price: $9.54
Sale price: $8.02
Wall Mount 6500 Series Wall Plate For 65' Belt
Regular price: $57.24
Sale price: $48.09
Economy Warehouse 15', Red Belt w/"s-hook" belt end
Regular price: $94.34
Sale price: $79.25

Why Should I Choose a Wall Mounted Retractable Barrier?

You can save money and floor space by skipping the portable post barrier and instead mounting a retractable unit to a wall. These mounted barriers are a great alternative for crowd control areas where space, particularly floor space, is at a premium. Rather than a retractable belt barrier post with a base that takes up floor area, installing these belts and receivers directly into a wall, doorway, stairway or hallway entrance in tight spaces will keep the ground clear in cases where a traditional retractable belt barrier might cause an unnecessary obstruction. By removing the clearance needed to allow for a stanchion base, you can keep your belt flush with the entrance of an area you wish to keep off-limits, rather than out in an area where pedestrian traffic is going to need access.

These wall mounted retractable barriers use state of the art mechanisms and belts for smooth deployment and a long service life. Whether you need to restrict a hallway or an entire warehouse or construction area for access control, maintenance or repair, we offer belt lengths for applications small (10ft) to large (65ft.). We even offer models with magnetic mounts for metal surfaces, suction mounts and Velcro mounts that allow for quick removal from the wall if necessary. Attach them to posts using our warehouse or magnetic mounts.

Our units are designed for a wide range of front end and back end applications. They can be weatherproofed for indoor or outdoor use in airports, theaters, banks, shopping malls, retail operations, and warehouses. They restrict access for maintenance and repairs, and for closed checkout lines or warehouse aisles. These wall mounted units offer quick setup and free up floor space.

What are the Wall Mounted Barrier Options?

These wall mount retractable belt barriers come with a variety of options including permanent or removable mounting options, and your choice of belt end style. Mounting brackets are available in six different styles for different applications including fixed/removable, magnetic (allows a quick, non-permanent attachment by means of a strong magnet), Velcro strap (Velcro straps for quick and temporary installation on any column or post), hose clamp (metal straps for a secure and semi-permanent connection to uprights), suction cup (allows temporary use on glass, ceramic or metal surfaces) or recessed/concealed units (steel plate hides unit in wall). The standard belt end connects to a Wall Mount Receiving End or retractable belt stanchions, and upgraded belt end options include S-Hook to wrap around objects, magnetic, or suction cup.

Through the years, wall mounted retractable barriers have evolved to meet customer demands for specialized mounting applications. Today, with 5 belt lengths, 8 mounting options and 4 belt end options, you can pick and choose your features to provide the best solution for your unique situation. Customize the belt with your logo or message or a custom color. If you have a unique need our engineers will be happy to custom design a solution for you.

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