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Manhole Equipment

Manhole Equipment
Crowd Control Experts specializes in industrial-grade safety equipment for retail businesses, government agencies, schools, hospitals, manufacturing and other industries. This premium manhole equipment is designed to keep the public safe around sewer holes and utility holes. There are times when a maintenance professional will need to access a manhole. For these instances, we have manhole cover removers and manhole cover hooks, made from hardened or reinforced steel for durability and maximum efficiency.

Manholes are essential to provide access points for servicing underground utilities, making inspections and adjusting valves. Whether it’s access to a building’s sewer system, electrical wiring, heating system, storm drains or telephone service, they must be kept accessible and safe. If the manhole is located in a street that’s open to vehicle traffic, consider one of our manhole protector rings. Designed from rugged recyclable rubber, these easy-to-use rings will smooth over exposed manhole risers so that vehicles can drive over them without experiencing damage. They’re available in various sizes, and are reusable.

If you need to lower and lift equipment out of a manhole, the only way to do that effectively and safely is with a manhole lift and rescue device. This product includes a manhole guard that forms a physical barrier around the manhole, while the material lift safely raises and lowers up to 300 pounds of equipment. It’s portable, lightweight and extremely durable, and it folds up for convenient storage.

We carry a wide range of safety products for various kinds of businesses, government buildings, hospitals, schools and industrial settings. This includes stanchions; signs; posts, chains and ropes; barriers and flooring. You’ll also find a selection of janitorial supplies. In addition to being the largest wholesale distributor of crowd control and pedestrian traffic systems, we also offer unsurpassed customer service.

"Easy Off" Manhole Cover Remover
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Manhole Cover Hook
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Manhole Lifts & Rescue Devices
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