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HIPAA Compliance Solutions

HIPAA Compliance Solutions
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Product Description

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) requires that all information about medical patients must be kept strictly confidential and private. This federal law covers any place serving medical patients, including hospitals, clinics, doctors’ and other health-care providers’ offices, and more.

Practically, this means you must keep your patients’ health information confidential and private the whole time they are at your place of business, from the time they check in to the time they check out. That means that lines and queues must be arranged so that patients’ interactions with you and your staff are kept private and confidential at all times. It is not OK, for instance, to have a group of patients cluster at one desk with one of your staff where they might overhear a discussion or view one another’s confidential medical records.

The demands of this law are stringent, and the penalties for failing to abide by it can be quite severe, but Crowd Control Experts offers an affordable and easy solution that will help you meet the letter and the spirit of this far-ranging law. Our HIPAA compliance solutions are available in one economical and complete package that gives you everything you need to comply with HIPAA while keeping your facility neat and orderly and your patients comfortable and happy.

Our package starts with six PRIME crowd control stanchions with attractive matte black post finish and 10-foot black belts to serve as a barricade to keep patients in their places in line. Each kit also contains one PRIME 8.5-inch wide by 11-inch high single-sided HIPAA “Please Enter Here” sign frame kit with white letters that stand out against a black background. The kit also includes one PRIME 8.5-inch wide by 11-inch high HIPAA “Please Wait for Next Available Agent” sign kit that also features white letters standing out against a black background.

Your patients will appreciate that you are looking out for their health as well as their privacy and enjoy the courtesy of the HIPAA “Please Wait” signs and other material in this kit that increases their comfort and privacy while they are in your facility.

This package includes:
- 6 PRIME Crowd Control Stanchions (matte black post with 10' black belt)
- 1 PRIME Sign Frame Kit 8.5"w x 11"h w/single sided sign "Please Enter Here"-white letters on black
- 1 PRIME Sign Frame Kit 8.5"w x 11"h w/single sided sign "Please Wait For Next Available Agent"-white letters on black


Prime Crowd Control StanchionsHelps control lines at a health care facility.
Prime Sign Frame Kit with "Please Enter Here" signCreates a more orderly line at doctors' offices, hospital admissions desks and clinics.
Prime Sign Frame Kit with "Please Wait For Next Available Agent" signMaintains order of long lines at health care facilities and keeps other patients from accidentally overhearing someone's personal health information. Helps the facility comply with HIPAA regulations.

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