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FME Barriers

FME Barriers
Usually the first step in Foreign Material Exclusion is to set up a zone where material will be controlled. In high rise construction that zone is anywhere that is elevated. In engine or turbine manufacturing that zone is set up around an open engine. Depending on zone size and location, different methods will be used to set up the zone. In any case the zones are distinguished and identified by barricades.

Barricade tape provides a boundary where signage alone simply isn’t enough. It is good way to temporarily block access to a site that will only be worked on for a short period of time. Workspaces that are larger than a few feet can be identified effectively with barricade tape. The barrier or barricade tape should fit the color scheme and clearly mark the boundaries of the FME Zone. Text such as “FME Barrier” works well. Signage should be included at intervals around the barrier to indicate that the area is being protected from debris.

Foreign Material Exclusion Product ChecklistBarrier Tapes
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Reflective Safety Tapes
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Underground Detectable Marking Tape
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Underground Non-Detectable Marking Tape
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Outdoor Utility Retracta-Belt Stanchion with 10' Belt - Rubber Base
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Traffic ConesSafety Products
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Nuclear Safety Magenta Retractable Belt Stanchions
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Signs & Sign Holders
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Water Filled Jersey Barrier Walls
Movit Plastic Portable Barricade
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Rolled Fencing-Orange Warning Barrier
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Galvanized Steel Barrier
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More Information on FME Barrier Solutions

A barrier for an area that is located in a central area with little visual or physical separation from the surrounding elements requires a lot of barrier creation. In addition to clear signage and barrier tape, the zoned area may also require stanchion setup. Stanchions are great barriers for longer term work, when simple barricade tape may not last as long as the job itself. Again, signage should supplement the stanchion barrier.

Some FME jobs may employ the use of water filled or concrete barriers to form more of a permanent barrier. We have many options to enable you to safely secure your FME zone below.

Where mechanical handling equipment is used, OSHA states that sufficient safe clearances shall be allowed for aisles, at loading docks, through doorways and wherever turns or passage must be made. Aisles and passageways shall be kept clear and in good repairs, with no obstruction across or in aisles that could create a hazard. OSHA Program Directive #100-60, pertaining to the safety markings for aisles and passageways in a workplace specifically provides an interpretation of "appropriately marked" as applies to permanent aisles and passageways where there are dirt floors or floors having continuous concentrations of sand or fine dusts. In some instances, this directive has been narrowly interpreted to mean that aisles and passageways must be marked by painted floors lines.

According to OSHA, the intent of "appropriately marked" is not to restrict the markings to one method only. It would be impractical to paint lines on dirt floors or floors that have continuous concentrations of sand or other dusts. These conditions may exist in such industries as foundries, scrap salvage operations or motor winding facilities. They go on to state that painted lines remain the most feasible method of marking, where practical, since they may last several years without maintenance or repainting. Other appropriate methods such as marking pillars, powder stripping, flags, traffic cones, safety tape or barriers, stanchions or barrels are acceptable, when the training programs for vehicle operators and employees include the recognition of such markings.
Barrier Tapes; Detectable and Non-Detectable Marking Tapes and Reflective TapesUse barrier tapes, marking tapes and reflective tapes to indicate the perimeter of larger FME zones and to satisfy OSHA regulations for marking aisles and passageways.
Retracta-Belt StanchionsThese heavy duty stanchions with retractable belts are appropriate for marking FME zones when a long-term solution is required.
Versa-Guard Expanding BarricadesExpanding barricades are easily movable and adjustable, offering a highly visible barrier for a Foreign Material Exclusion zone.
Plastic StanchionsNotify workers and visitors to a facility that there is an FME zone with low-cost plastic stanchions. These are the economical choice for FME barriers.
Traffic ConesUse inexpensive durable plastic traffic cones to set off FME areas and keep them protected from dirt and other foreign materials.
Safety ProductsChoose from many kinds of stanchions, safety posts with chains or belts, cones, barriers, portable barricades and signage for marking foreign material exclusion areas.
BarricadesVarious kinds of sturdy barricades are available that are ideal for FME zones. They're brightly colored for high visibility.
Signs & Sign HoldersEven if you use stanchions or marking tape for FME zones, it is recommended that you place periodic signs around the perimeter to further safeguard these areas and inform employees.
Plastic Posts & ChainsPlastic posts and chains provide an inexpensive alternative to costly stanchions for use around sensitive FME zones at industrial facilities.
Water Filled Jersey Barrier WallsJersey barriers that are water filled create a more long-term marking of an FME zone, keeping employees and vehicles away from the area.
Concrete Security BarriersFor the most secure, long-term FME barrier, choose concrete security barriers.
Plastic Portable BarricadesWhen you might need to relocate an FME zone, plastic portable barricades are an ideal choice for protecting these areas.
Rolled Fencing BarrierThis rolled orange fencing is an effective barrier for a foreign material exclusion zone, as it's highly visible and you can fully enclose a particular area, keeping out all human and vehicle traffic.
Galvanized Steel BarrierA steel barrier is an extremely effective barricade for an FME zone, keeping workers and visitors at a safe distance.

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