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Car Shows and Auto Dealership Stanchion Solutions

Car Shows and Auto Dealership Stanchion Solutions
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There traditionally has been a dilemma at car shows and auto dealerships: You want to show your vehicles off to the public so they can admire and love them, but you don’t want the public to love your vehicles too much and leave them with unsightly and even costly smudges, scratches and dents.

At Crowd Control Experts, we have the solution to these traditional car show and dealership woes. Our car shows and auto dealership stanchion solutions will show your vehicles off to their best advantage while keeping a curious and sometimes damaging public at a respectful distance from your costly cars.

Car Shows and Auto Dealership Stanchion Product ChecklistBlack Chrome Auto Show Special
Regular price: $450.50
Sale price: $361.07
Auto Show Stanchion Kit
Regular price: $325.00
Sale price: $260.48
Display Post w/ 15' Retracta-Belt
Regular price: $201.40
Sale price: $169.18
Display Post w/ 10' Retracta-Belt
Regular price: $171.72
Sale price: $144.25
Auto Dealership Solutions
Regular price: $1,589.29
Sale price: $1,335.01
Heavy Duty Stanchions with FREE Velour Rope!
Regular price: $298.92
Sale price: $251.10
More Information on Car Shows and Auto Dealership Solutions

Our car show stanchions are crowd pleasers in themselves. They’re available in a wide choice of beautiful finishes, including black chrome, satin aluminum, polished chrome and polished brass. Belts are available in a palette of dazzling colors ranging from basic blacks, whites and grays to eye-catching fluorescent yellows and oranges. You can create whatever kind of stanchion display you are looking for with our long list of colors and options, including custom message or logo imprinting.

Some of our stanchions include built-in adapters that hold sign frames as well as three-way adapters that permit you to connect belts from virtually any direction, allowing you to set up odd-shaped displays. Our stanchion kits are available for indoors or outdoors use and come with everything you need to give visitors an unobstructed view of your vehicles while at the same time protecting them from an onrush of spectators.

We also carry heavy-duty stanchions and velour ropes made in the U.S. that will outlast the inferior-quality stanchions and ropes typically imported from China and other low-cost countries. If you have any questions about which stanchions would work best for your car show or dealership, just call or email us for knowledgeable advice you can trust.
Black Chrome Auto Show Special KitThis attractive black chrome 4-stanchion set creates a beautiful display at a car show while protecting valuable vehicles from smudges, scratches and dents. Buying them as a set saves money.
Auto Show Stanchion KitWhen you need to completely encircle a vehicle, this black chrome 8-stanchion set is ideal. It creates a 10-foot by 20-foot display area and protects the car or truck from damage.
Display Posts with Retracta-BeltsSturdy and durable steel display posts with Retracta-Belts will display and protect vehicles at an auto dealership or car show, inside or outside.
Auto Dealership Retracta-Belt Stanchions KitFor a complete auto dealership solution to protect and display vehicles, choose this set of 6 Retracta-Belt stanchions. The economically priced package also includes your custom company logo for effective advertising.
Heavy Duty Stanchions with FREE Velour RopeThis great deal includes 2 heavy duty stanchions and a free 6-foot length of high-quality velvet rope. This creates a beautiful display at a high-end dealership, car show, shopping mall or any other special vehicle display.

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