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Auto Dealership Solutions

Auto Dealership Solutions
Item# V-AUTOD-325
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Product Description

Whether you’re selling a Ferrari or a Fiat, the proper automobile display can help spur customer interest and admiring oohs and ahs while also keeping your vehicle as bright, shiny and new as when it rolled off the assembly line. At Crowd Control Experts, we offer auto dealership solutions that will help you run your business more profitably and efficiently while keeping customers happy but at arm’s length from your showroom stars. Best of all, our wholesale prices will benefit your bottom line, while our safe and secure online ordering makes it quick and easy to get exactly what you need and have it delivered to your door without even having to leave your busy office.

Our custom-branded Retracta-Belt protective barriers offer you and your sales force several advantages. First and foremost, of course, these barriers protect your vehicles from scratches, smudges and dings that customers can cause on purpose or inadvertently to precious paint jobs.

But there are subtler benefits as well. Putting your vehicle inside this “roped-off” enclosure gives it instant celebrity status, and when your sales representative offers to take customers “inside” for an up-close-and-personal visit and inspection, they too feel like celebrities. This is an outstanding sales tactic that can tip hesitant customers over to a sale when you make them feel like real VIPs.

Our Retracta-Belt protective barriers come as one complete package so you’ll have everything you need for quick and easy set-up while avoiding the higher cost of acquiring and putting together the system piece by piece. This package comes complete with six 15-foot Retracta-Belt black stanchions in standard 40-inch height; your choice of a range of belt colors including black, red, yellow and more; and one color logo printed on one side of each belt. If you decide you want a new model or logo on the belts, you can easily replace the old belt mechanisms with new ones with the new logo of your choice, meaning that this system will serve you and boost your sales for many years to come.

This package includes:
- Six 15' Retracta-Belt Black Stanchions (standard 40" height)
- Choice of Belt Color
- One Color Logo Printed on One Side of Belt

* Take advantage of the fact that you can simply replace the belt mechanism on these posts when you would like to have a new logo or model imprinted on the belts...we let you leverage your investment like no other!

Post and Belt Color Guide


Auto Dealership Product Checklist
Auto Dealer Package - Low Display Post
Same package as above with low 23" height so that you don't obstruct the view.
Regular price: $1,589.29
Sale price: $1,335.01
Belt Color: 
Retracta-Belt Stanchion PackageProtect valuable vehicle paint jobs from damage due to finger smears, dings and scratches while creating a dramatic display around the vehicle for additional visual interest. These can be used at auto dealerships, car shows and for displaying vehicles in shopping malls and other public locations where vehicles are being displayed. Buying a complete package saves you money.
Auto Dealer Package - Low Display PostsUse these lower display posts for the same protection and display benefits, but with a clearer line of sight for special vehicles and antiques. They're ideal for automobile dealerships, car shows, shopping malls and other locations.

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