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Ash Receptacles

Ash Receptacles
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Product Description

Cigarette Receptacle

Cigarette receptacles provide smokers with a sand trough to put out their lit cigarettes. Donut top ash and trash receptacles combine the best features of ashtrays and trash baskets to provide a convenient place to dispose of trash and smokes at the same time. We offer several styles of cigarette receptacles to fit your budget, décor, and style.

Our New York collection features a classic satin aluminum style that requires little maintenance. The Atlantis collection features a tarnish-proof satin brass finish for elegance as well as durability. Both ash and trash cigarette receptacles come in 15 and 20 inch diameters.

Baked Enamel Cigarette Receptacles

We also carry baked enamel receptacles in a range of colors. You can choose from satin aluminum or baked enamel covers to match. They are designed to withstand years of weather and abuse, while maintaining their beauty. They also come in 15 and 20 inch diameters.

If elegance and sophistication are more your style, we also carry banded, galvanized steel styles in a range of finishes, as well as satin aluminum and brass receptacles, also in banded styles. They come in several capacities. These classic cigarette receptacles are so nice to look at that you will hardly believe they are built to hold trash! Call us today to order yours now.

Ash Receptacles

These ash receptacles provide you a sleek, stylish and durable solution for cigarette disposal. We offer a wide selection of ash receptacles, cigarette receptacles, smokers post, smokers oasis, wall mounted ash receptacles, ash urns, ash trays, donut top ash receptacles and concrete ash receptacles at discount prices for you to choose from.

Help reduce and eliminate unsightly and ecologically sensitive cigarette butts and filters from your environment. Use our cigarette ash and butt urns and receptacles to help keep your smoker's area clean and safe while helping the environment at the same time.

Outdoor Ashtray

In recent years, changing social customs and new laws have made outdoor ashtrays more necessary than ever. With many public areas declared non-smoking areas, smokers have moved to the great outdoors. With them comes a need for durable, accessible outdoor ashtrays to prevent littering and provide a safe means of disposal.

CrowdControlExperts.com offers the outdoor ashtrays that your business so badly needs. Our ashtrays are constructed of solid concrete with durability in mind. They will withstand myriad weather conditions and always provide a place for smokers to dispose of their ashes and cigarette butts.

Outdoor Ashtray Benefits

Drains are cast into the concrete bowls and some models have removable chrome trays that can be cleaned for a tidy appearance. Tray covers on some models will reduce moisture during wet weather. Offer your smoking visitors a convenient place to put out their cigarettes before entering the building.

Concrete ash urns weigh about 100 pounds and we offer several choices in aggregate styles to match your exterior designs. If you need outdoor ashtrays for your smoking guests, turn to CrowdControlExperts.com for the best in customer service. Our low prices and high quality make us your first choice in outdoor ash urns as well as crowd control devices, store fixtures, and more.

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