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Correct Rope Stanchions Setup

Correct Rope Stanchions Setup
At Crowd Control Experts, our inventory includes a variety of options for crowd control posts and ropes. Compare our products to find the set that works best for your industry type, venue or event. When considering post and rope setup, keep in mind the type of fastening. Choosing portable, removable or wall-mounted posts will change the type and length of rope youíll need.

Once your order is delivered, itís time to set up your stanchions and ropes. The right positioning will affect your crowd management and the overall appearance of your setup. Space your posts evenly throughout your space. Your posts should be far enough apart for the rope to hang gracefully without being too taught. You may need additional posts or longer ropes to achieve the desired look. The same principle applies when hanging your rope from a wall mount to a portable stanchion. When hanging rope between two wall mounts, your rope measurement will need to be precise for a rope to hang with just the right amount of slack.

For additional assistance and more crowd control techniques, contact our customer service representatives. We can walk you through making the proper measurements, ordering the right products and created a setup that works best for your space.

View the diagram below to learn what a proper rope stanchion setup looks like.

Correct Rope Stanchions Setup

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