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Stanchion Comparison Guide

Stanchion Comparison Guide
Choosing the right stanchions for your purposes can be difficult. At Crowd Control Experts, we encourage you to review all of your options and compare which products would be best for your crowd management strategy. Review our shopping guide to decide amongst our many high-quality options. Our customer service representatives are also available to help you make the your final decisions, so feel free to ask questions about design, function and how each piece of crowd control equipment will help you.

Before you begin shopping for stanchions, barriers, mats and signs, first consider your organization’s budget. Knowing how much you can spend will help narrow down your search by eliminating those items that fall outside of your budget. We bring you wholesale discounted prices to give you a wider range of options.

Next, think about the look, style and quality of your potential purchase. Your stanchions should fit with the décor of the space as well as the purpose of the queue. Compare rope, plastic and retractable stanchions to see which style would be most appropriate for your facility. Give your event a red carpet feel with metal stanchions and velvet ropes, or keep it flexible with retractable stanchions that allow you to reconfigure your layout. Think about whether removable, portable, wall-mount or fixed stanchions would be best for your purposes. Will you need to be able to change your layout to suit customer needs, or will your queue have a decided design?

Other aspects of your purchasing decision should be based on the type of industry you are in or the type of event you’re organizing. A more formal style may be appropriate for government facilities whereas removable, durable stanchions would be best for a retail space. Consider ordering extras for times of high traffic volumes. We also have replacement parts and accessories available to make repairs or add signs and displays for more effective marketing.

Whether you know exactly what you want or have a vague idea, contact our representatives at Crowd Control Experts. We’ll put our experience and knowledge of our inventory to use to pair you up with the crowd management system that would be best for your purposes. Check out our comparison guide to view all of your options.

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