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Barrier Stanchions for Vehicle Control

Barrier Stanchions for Vehicle Control
Crowd Control Experts provides crowd management systems and traffic solutions, whether you are organizing people or vehicles. We offer traffic control and safety products to help you manage the vehicles in a parking lot, on the street or in other restricted areas. Shop vests, traffic cones, stanchions, barricades, signs, safety tape and other traffic equipment to help direct traffic.

Unusual traffic patterns or parking arrangements benefit from bright, well-marked barriers and safety equipment. Crowd control techniques include getting your hands on the proper equipment. If you are using personnel to direct traffic, consider reflective vests. For potentially hazardous areas, use reflective tape and barrier tape to indicate barriers.

We recommend using specific signage in addition to cones and barriers. More indicators prepare motorists, cyclists and pedestrians for unusual conditions. Grab common signs to alert the crowd of an accident, emergency or roadwork for more effective travel and the well being of all parties involved.

During the 'Transition Area', brightly colored cones, channelizers, or stanchions should be placed at a near 100* angle until the lane is completely tapered off. In the case of a 2-way, 2-lane street, the transition zone should not exceed 100 feet. While typically optional, a 'Buffer Space' should be allowed before the work site begins for optimal safety. A downstream taper is placed within the 'Termination Zone', allowing traffic to resume normal driving patterns.

Crowd Control Experts has outlined the proper setup method for vehicle crowd control on the road in the diagram below. As mentioned earlier, specific signage or indicators should be used in the ‘Advanced Warning Area’ well before any lane taper or closure. The distance required will vary based on road specifications and conditions.

Contact our customer service department for additional information on products and crowd control techniques. We would be happy to provide strategies specific to your circumstances. Barriers and Stanchions for Road Vehicle Control

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