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Heavy-Duty Tent Flooring & Decking

Heavy-Duty Tent Flooring & Decking
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Product Description

***Each tile is 1 ft x 2 ft - price per square foot is $4.23***

Heavy-Duty Flooring System Ideal for large-scale tent and special event flooring. Each EDU module is 24” x 12” x 1-1/2” and ships in pre-assembled 3’ x 4’ sheets for quicker installs. Installation is quick and does not require trained personnel, special tools or an instruction manual. A full size arena can be installed in 2-3 hours using 8-10 workers. EDU can also be used for temporary accessways or pathways on rough and uneven terrain. Rugged enough for staging trailers, equipment and utility vehicles. Ideal for military use, EDU provides a firm, comfortable floor for operations, communication, personnel and hospital tents. Modules can be connected in both directions and at any module connection point, including at a 90 degree angle -- allowing for maximum flexibility in floor design. The smooth top surface is designed to prevent liquid and debris from flowing underneath and provides a perfect floor or sub-floor for any type of event. The underside of the module features a specially designed multi-directional cable channel to neatly thread power and communication wiring and rope lighting. The system is meant as a true substitute for lay down and built-up plywood floors. It provides a rigid and uniform feel underfoot that is suitable for upscale, high-end events. Unlike other modular plastic floors, EDU can be laid straight down on most ground surfaces, leveled with plywood stringers and shims, or raised on multiple layers of stringers as required.

Module Size: Width: 24” / 60.96 cm / 609.6 mm
Length: 12” / 30.48 cm / 304.8 mm
Thickness: 1.375” Tall / 3.4925 cm / 34.925 mm
Module Weight: 2.88 lbs. / 46.08 oz. / 1.306 kg. / 1306 grams
Per Square Foot: 1.44 lbs. / 23.04 oz. / 0.653 kg. / 653 grams
Per Square Meter: 15.50 lbs. / 7.03 kg.
Material: High-impact polypropylene co-polymer. UV Inhibitors added.
Fire Rating: UL 94HB (Underwriters Laboratory Yellow Card Number) This test signifies that this product does not flare up when exposed to an open flame and has a slow burn rate of 2” per minute for a 2” wide, 0.5 millimeter thickness test sample. ASTM 2859 (Flammability of Finished Texture Floor Covering Materials) – passed test * Testing reports available for fire ratings
Hot Wire Ignition Rating: 3
Melting Point: 324 Fahrenheit / 162 Celcius
Operating Range: -10° F ?? 150°F / -23.33° C ?? 65.56° C
Support Structure: Flooring module incorporates multi-directional structural support ribbing, allowing for distribution of weight and loads.
Weight Loading: 20,000 lbs sq/ft static load, solid sub-surface. Varies depending on subsurface.

Warranty: 3 Year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.


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Regular price: $3.30
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