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Tent, Stadium, Special Event Flooring

Tent, Stadium, Special Event Flooring
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Product Description

***Price listed is per square foot***

EventDeck 1 (ED1) will distribute weight and help prevent damage to your grass from pedestrians and equipment. Depending on the duration of your event, it is possible to water turf through EventDeck, keeping grass hydrated and nourished. It is ideal for large events on sensitive grass lawns and fields, around pool and wet areas and for other outdoor flooring applications. This version may also be used on sand, soil, and other surfaces where drainage holes may be preferred over a smooth top surface design. ED1portable flooring is designed specifically for grass protection and for areas where a drainage top design is preferred.

STADIUMS AND NATURAL TURF FACILITIES: From Bermuda grass to Rye and from Bluegrass to hybrid combinations, ED1 is the right choice for your expensive playing surfaces and sports fields. EventDeck portable flooring may be left down for several days for concerts, graduations, and other on-field events. How does ED1 protect the grass? ED1 was engineered to minimize lateral flex and to distribute weight evenly across its support beams and ribbing. This helps prevent the floor from digging into the turf, even under heavy weight. Hidden under the top of each floor module’s surface is a specially designed canopy, which is constructed to both retain moisture and allow for the right amount of light, water, and air to reach the grass underneath. ED1 can be left in place for many days without killing the grass and is designed to prevent damage from strong sunlight and heat. When EventDeck is in place it is not unusual for customers to find their grass is actually greener after a few days use as a result of the greenhouse like conditions created by the EventDeck canopy. During long installations, blades of grass can be found poking out of each modules drainage holes, continuing to grow even as the floor is in place.

Event Deck installs and disassembles quickly and easily. Following are installation estimates. Breakdown usually takes about 1/2 the time of installation. SQ/FT Time to Install; 400sq 15 minutes - 1 person, 2,400sq 1 hour - 2 persons, 10,000sq 3 hours - 4 persons, 60,000sq 8 hours - 14 persons. Note: Times may vary depending on conditions.

Module Size: Width: 4” / 10.16 cm / 101.6 mm
Length: 12” / 30.48 cm / 304.80 mm
3 connected modules = 12” x 12” / 304.8 mm x 304.8 mm Thickness: ¾” Tall / 1.91 cm / 19.05 mm
Module Weight: 0.27 lbs. / 4.3 oz. / 0.12 kg. / 122 grams
Per Square Foot: 0.81 lbs. / 12.96 oz. / 0.37 kg. / 367.41 grams
Per Square Meter: 8.72 lbs. / 3.95 kg.
Material: High-impact polypropylene co-polymer. UV Inhibitors added.
Fire Rating: UL 94HB (Underwriters Laboratory Yellow Card Number)
This test signifies that this product does not flare up when exposed to an open flame and has a slow burn rate of 2” per minute for a 2” wide, 0.5 millimeter thickness test sample.
EventDeck meets applicable standards for temporary floor covers.
ASTM 2859 (Flammability of Finished Texture Floor Covering Materials)
– passed test
Ignition Rating: 3
Melting Point: 324 Fahrenheit / 162 Celsius
Operating Range: -10° F ?? 150°F / -23.33° C ?? 65.56° C
Support Structure: Flooring module incorporates multi-directional structural support ribbing, allowing for distribution of weight and loads. There are no open spans (without ribs) greater than 2.125”.
Weight Loading: 8,000 lbs sq/ft static load, solid sub-surface. Varies depending on subsurface.
Warranty: 3 Year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.


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Regular price: $2.90
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ED1 Transport Cart
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