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Metal Detectors & Surveillance

Metal Detectors & Surveillance
For hand-held and walk-through metal detectors, browse our budget prices on advanced units that are easy to set up. CrowdControlExperts.com also offers night vision equipment and surveillance essentials. Our portable walk-through metal detectors will allow you to move from location to location for concerts, sporting events and special conferences requiring security. Install multiple units at train stations, courthouses and other locations with multiple entrances. Our portable and pinpoint detectors are also protecting national landmarks. They are becoming commonplace at schools and theme parks.

Hand-Held Security Metal Detector
Regular price: $139.00
Sale price: $108.00
Hand-Held Concealed Weapons Detector
Regular price: $99.00
Sale price: $81.00
Metal Detector  The Evidence Finder
Regular price: $449.00
Sale price: $351.00
M-Scope Portable Walk-Through Metal Detector
Regular price: $4,999.00
Sale price: $4,590.00
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Our pinpoint metal detectors have been certified to meet Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requirements. These pinpoint detectors are designed for airports, prisons, schools, facilities, special events, mass transit venues, loss prevention and other applications.

Hand-held concealed weapon and security metal detectors are being used for more than safety reasons. At warehouses, construction sites and industrial complexes, these detectors can help quickly find lost screws or other metal components, saving you the cost of time spent waiting for costly replacements. do not bring weapons or other metallic objects that may be used for harm into the premises. We also have night vision equipment that takes photographs. Our accessories include detector enhancements to help more easily find smaller targets in confined spaces crowded with other objects.

Our premium stanchions and belts or ropes are built to create and maintain orderly lines in front of walk-through metal detectors. Stanchions with sign frames can be used to insert printed instructions for building visitors and staff on what is acceptable and not acceptable to wear or carry through the detector. Our freestanding and wall-mount barriers can enhance efforts to direct visitors and staff to your metal detector lines.

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