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PRIME Posts And Ropes

PRIME Posts And Ropes
Whether you are setting up crowd control in a theater, restaurant, a casino or other location where standard retractable belts just won't do, CrowdControlExperts.com has you covered. We have a wide selection of PRIME posts and ropes in a variety of sizes, styles and finishes so you can create the right boundaries in any location.

PRIME Conventional Post with Urn Top
Regular price: $53.00
Sale price: $42.95
PRIME Conventional Post with Ball Top
Regular price: $55.00
Sale price: $42.25
PRIME Conventional Post with Flat Top
Regular price: $50.00
Sale price: $39.75
PRIME Velvet Ropes
Regular price: $39.00
Sale price: $32.76

PRIME Conventional Posts and Velvet Ropes

Choose between conventional posts with urn, ball and flat tops. Each is built with a high quality finish designed to outperform every other post on the market. You can choose between several finishes to match your existing décor, including polished stainless steel, brass and bronze.
We also carry PRIME velvet ropes that affix to our conventional posts, and they're available in a wide range of colors, as well. Our velvet ropes are available in 6-foot and 8-foot lengths, but if you need custom lengths, we will be more than happy to accommodate you. You can also choose the hinged snap-end finish to coordinate with your PRIME conventional posts.

All of the conventional posts and velvet ropes we offer have been carefully engineered to withstand everyday use. Through thousands of hours of research and development, we have created the most cost-effective, durable and reliable posts and ropes available.

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