Plastic Posts & Chains

Plastic Posts & Chains
Our plastic stanchions and chain are a cost effective solution for your crowd control needs. Made of high density polyethylene containing UV inhibitors, they are attractive, strong, durable and long lasting. The bases can be filled with sand when additional stability is needed.

All of our plastic stanchion and chain products contain only the highest grade plastic resigns available. The UV inhibitors in our products prevent them from fading or becoming brittle by the sun for at least 5 years. The difference in quality between our product and the China imports other websites market is significant. Our products were not only designed in the USA, they are manufactured in the USA and assembled in the USA. Quality products you can depend on year after year.

Here are some of the top reasons to choose our plastic stanchions and chain:

SAFETY. Not only do we use plastic chain and stanchions to promote safety and reduce injury, plastic has been proven to be a safe material to use. Plastic does not shatter or break when dropped. It is a great alternative to glass or metal especially when used around children.

RUST RESISTANT. Unlike metal products, plastic products are rust resistant therefore allowing a wider and more versatile range of use. In addition to being rust resistant, our plastic stanchion and chain products are also fade and weather resistant.

AESTHETICALLY PLEASING. Along with the flexibility and many uses for plastic in general, Our products are aesthetically pleasing with their bright colors and many shapes and styles.

ECO-FRIENDLY. Before plastics were recyclable, it was understood that it could take up to 500 years to disintegrate on earth. All of our plastic stanchion and chain products can be recycled. In addition to the long life of these plastic posts and chain, we can all use the material with ease knowing it doesn’t have to end up in the garbage.

Plastic Portable Post, 2"
Regular price: $29.95
Sale price: $23.95
Plastic Portable Post, 2.5"
Regular price: $32.95
Sale price: $27.55
Plastic Portable Post, 3"
Regular price: $35.95
Sale price: $31.15
X-Treme Duty Plastic Stanchion
Regular price: $59.95
Sale price: $55.26
Deluxe Ground Posts
Light Duty Plastic Stanchion & Chain Kit w/6 Posts and 50ft Chain
Regular price: $241.35
Sale price: $173.34
Medium Duty Plastic Stanchion & Chain Kit w/6 Posts and 50ft Chain
Regular price: $268.44
Sale price: $192.78
Heavy Duty Plastic Stanchion & Chain Kit w/4 Posts and 30ft Chain
Regular price: $194.83
Sale price: $139.92
NEW-Ground Posts with DOT Approved Reflective Stripes
Safety Green Plastic Stanchion
NEW Metal Plated Plastic Stanchion Kits
NEW-Traffic Control Plastic Post with DOT Reflective Stripe
NEW Red Plastic StanchionsNEW Workplace Plastic Stanchions w/Safety Lettering
NEW Workplace Plastic Stanchions w/Do Not Enter, No Smoking or High Voltage
Double Stranded Stanchion
Instant Queue w/6 Posts, Chain & More-FREE SHIPPING
SPECIAL-4 Pack Queue-in-a-Box w/Chain, C-hooks, & Sign Adapters
Black Chrome Auto Show Special
Polished Chrome Auto Show Special
Auto Show Stanchion Kit
Outdoor Sign Holder
Plastic Post AccessoriesPlastic Stanchion Sign Adapter, package of 6
Pre-Pandemic & Fall Flu Season Preparedness Kit
Regular price: $199.00
Sale price: $185.94
Plastic Chain in BulkNEW Metal Plated Chain
Plastic Chain - Specialty Colors
Plastic Chain - Bi-Color
Magnet Ring/Carabiner Loading Dock Kit
Crackled Plastic Glass Solar Light Ball Top
Solar Light Ball Top
Cone Chain Connector
Regular price: $2.99
Sale price: $2.34

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