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Plastic Post Accessories

Plastic Post Accessories
Use our links, hooks and other inexpensive plastic stanchion accessories from Crowd Control Experts to set up a safety barrier, create a line control system or mark an exhibit indoors or outside. We have sturdy plastic snap hooks, C-links, O-rings, C-hooks, master links, S-hooks and ball tops designed to fit our premium-quality plastic stanchions and plastic chain. Master links provide a permanent connection to join lengths of chain to your stanchions, or posts. We offer multiple sizes to fit the size of your plastic chain, and in all standard colors. Use our O-rings for your double-strand stanchions or to attach chain to just one side of a stanchion. C-links are the most popular connecting links to easily join lengths of chain.

Unlike a C-link, a C-hook has two components that snap together. If you reverse the direction of each component, you can create an O-ring for greater security when attaching your chains to your posts. Our multi-purpose S-hooks create a temporary connection for any length of chain. Use versatile S-hooks when you want to quickly attach, adjust and remove chains from posts. Our snap hooks are retailer and homeowner favorites, too. Attach them to ceiling or wall hooks to display hanging baskets of plants or display baskets of retail goods. Keep extra S-hooks on hand to hang bags of supplies or individual tools inside closets, garages or storage rooms.

Our environmentally friendly solar-powered light ball tops for stanchions are made to fit to the top of your posts or frames. The light adds an extra element of safety when creating barriers with stanchions and chains around hazardous areas, especially at night. For special events, they add light, emphasis and elegance to an ordinary chain and stanchion setup to mark entrance or exit lines, showcase special displays or create barriers around no-go zones. Choose a standard solar light ball or beautiful crackled glass-style plastic solar light ball. The lights can be set to emit a constant glow or as flashing lights. A light that has been fully charged in direct sunlight can shine for about 8 hours. Our standard-duty solar light balls are often the go-to choice for creating barriers around hazardous work sites. The crackled glass design of our other solar light balls are often used to mark valet parking areas and entrance/exit lines at hotels, resorts, concert venues and special nighttime indoor or outdoor events. Contact our staff experts at CrowdControlExperts.com to help you put together the best set of stanchions, chains and accessories to fit your budget and unique event or location needs.

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