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Snap Hooks

Snap Hooks
Our sturdy plastic snap hooks from Crowd Control Experts can be used to temporarily connect plastic chains to your stanchions to mark waiting lines or create barriers around designated work or display sites. Or, use these snap hooks in conjunction with our discount-priced master links for more secure hooks. Our economical 25-count pack of snap hooks is available in yellow, black or white. Choose the 3-inch size that fits 1-inch to 3-inch diameter chains. Choose the 4-inch size to fit 2-inch to 4-inch diameter plastic chains.

Our versatile snap hooks have hundreds of uses in addition to being crowd control stanchion and chain accessories. Loop the closed circle end over a ceiling or wall hook to create a hanging planter basket holder or product display basket holder. Hang from hooks inside closets or storage rooms to hold lightweight bags or tools that can be slipped through each open hook. When controlling an event line, the open hook allows staff to close and release the stanchion chain to permit entrance of one person or several persons at a time.

3" Snap Hook Fits 1" - 3" Chain
Regular price: $29.00
Sale price: $23.24
4" Snap Hooks Fits 2" - 4" Chain
Regular price: $48.50
Sale price: $38.88

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