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Warning Flag

Warning Flag
Item# NAP-VGFR-01
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Product Description

Adherence to safety procedures is key, so it's important to avail yourself of every crowd control product that will safeguard the welfare of every customer and employee. That will mean some combination of stanchions, barricades, signs, and much more - all of which you can find here at Crowd Control Experts. Another item equally important is the Versa-Guard Warning Flag.

Made of nylon, this flag will certainly capture attention because it is bright red and measures 21" x 21". If you don't have an employee waving it when necessary, you can also attach it to our flashing lamp/flag holder (NAP-VG-1020), which is available separately.

Whether you plan to use it on a construction site, loading dock, factory, or on the beach to warn swimmers of water hazards or high surf, the Versa-Guard Warning Flag is perfect. It's one more example of a fine crowd control product our customers have come to expect from Crowd Control Experts. We also strive to offer you the finest service, and always at the best prices.

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