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Wall Mounting Kit

Wall Mounting Kit
Item# NAP-VG-1070
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Product Description

Every minute counts on the job site, so if you have an area usually restricted, why have an employee or two spend time each day setting up and taking down an expanding barricade there? Why not set up the spot so the barricade stays put for as long as necessary? You can easily make it a semi-permanent setup with the Versa-Guard Wall Mounting Kit from Crowd Control Experts. If you already have Versa-Guard expanding barricades, this kit is the perfect complement.

Your kit will include two black wall mounting brackets and one locking pin. Once you acquire mounting hardware (not included), you'll be all set to attach each end to the opposite walls. Though the cost is extremely reasonable, it is still a small price to pay in light of all the man-hours of labor you will save.

You can always count on Crowd Control Experts to provide such practical solutions. From stanchions and barriers to signs, traffic control, and flooring, we have the product line to meet your every need.

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