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Fixed Position Locking Bar

Fixed Position Locking Bar
Item# NAP-VG-1050
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Product Description

If you have the foresight to acquire expanding barricades to safeguard your employees and passersby, then you certainly know you have to effectively lock your barricades in place. The item to accomplish this is the Versa-Guard Fixed Locking Bar from Crowd Control Experts.

Designed to work with Versa-Guard's expanding barricades, this black locking bar is easy to use. After setting your barricade to the right length, simply place the bar over either slide bracket. You've set it correctly when the plastic spacer on the bracket fits between two black metal tabs on the bar. Then, push the locking bar until the hole is reachable from the other side of the slide bracket. All that's left is to insert a lock to keep the unit open.

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