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Mini Socket Mounted - Crowd Control w/Flat Top & Mini Socket Mounted Base

Mini Socket Mounted - Crowd Control w/Flat Top & Mini Socket Mounted Base
Item# V-ST600MS
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Product Description

Mini Socket Mounted - Crowd Control w/Flat Top & Mini Socket Mounted Base
Conventional Posts and Ropes have been used for decades and add a classic prestigious look to any decor. Our focus is on quality; we use heavy-wall components and have the strictest quality control inspections. These classic stanchions work with our 1.5" diameter heavyweight cotton-core ropes. The Mini Socket Mounted Conventional post is an easy-to-install way to keep your queue in place with minimal surface impact to your floors. It can be installed in a wide range of floor materials and depths.

The Ύ" diameter socket is installed easily using a core drill and either epoxy or expansion bolt anchors. When posts are not needed, they simply unscrew and are replaced by the provided socket cap, leaving a flat surface with minimal obstructions and no tripping hazard.

Please Note: Posts with a Mini Socket Mounted Base require a Mini Socket (sold separately).

• Minimal installation depth: only requires a 2" deep hole versus a 6" deep hole for standard floor sockets, allowing it to accommodate thinner floors where other permanent sockets can’t be installed.
• Neat installation, clean results: takes approximately 10 minutes to install each socket.
• Flush-mounted sockets: are more visually appealing on the floor surface when posts are removed than standard sockets.
• Saves money: .on installation labor costs compared to other permanent/ semi-permanent stanchions.
• Multiple anchor options: .accommodate different installation methods, floor depths and materials including terrazzo, tile, wood and cement.
• Minimal footprint: When posts are removed, the flush-mounted Ύ" diameter socket is more visually appealing on the floor surface than standard sockets.
• Posts remove easily from the socket: making floor maintenance easy.
• Internal spring-loaded assembly: allows the post to lean about 10 degrees in any direction, so it absorbs impact from accidental abuse such as carts.
• Nylon disc: protects end of the post and floor surface from getting damaged due to post movement.
• Rotates 350 degrees: so you can align your ropes and easily change the queue configuration.
• 10 posts ship together in one box: for a significantly reduced shipping cost.
• 10 year warranty against mfg defects.

*** Please note - All non-stock finishes require a minimum of 5 pieces and a 2 week lead time. Stock finishes include: Black Aluminum, Yellow Aluminum, Polished Aluminum, Satin Aluminum, Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome, Satin Stainless Steel


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