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Mini Socket Mounted - Crowd Control w/Urn Top & Mini Socket Mounted Base

Mini Socket Mounted - Crowd Control w/Urn Top & Mini Socket Mounted Base
Item# V-ST400MS
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Product Description

Mini Socket Mounted - Crowd Control w/Urn Top & Mini Socket Mounted Base
When setting up your queue arrangement, consider an option from Crowd Control Experts that minimally impacts your flooring: The Mini Socket Mounted Conventional post. While standard floor sockets require a hole with a 6-inch depth, this requires just 2 inches; thus, it accommodates thinner floors, perhaps an obstacle you have been facing. It also accommodates different installation methods and materials, including tile, terrazzo, wood and cement, with minimal impact to all.

Another great positive is that you install the 3/4-inch socket with a core drill and either epoxy or expansion bolt anchors. Each socket will only take about 10 minutes to install, so you are spared the possibly pricey labor costs you get with the more conventional stanchions. Then, simply screw the post into the socket. Due to its internal spring-loaded assembly, the post is able to lean about 10 degrees in any direction. This gives it the flexibility to absorb accidental impact, yet remain in place.

When you no longer need the post, simply unscrew, then place the provided socket cap in place. Now you're left with a flat surface without any obstructions, nor tripping hazard of any kind. The result is more visually appealing than standard sockets and does nothing to interfere with floor maintenance. It also has a nylon disc that protects the end of the post and the floor from suffering any damage due to post movement. Yet another advantage is that you do not need any special ropes with the Mini Socket Mounted stanchion with Urn Top and Mini Socket Mounted Base. It works just fine with our 1.5-inch diameter heavyweight cotton-core ropes.

At Crowd Control Experts, we use heavy-wall components and subject our process to the most rigorous quality control inspections. In the end, you have the assurance that your stanchion will stand the test of time.


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