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Magnetic Mounted - Crowd Control w/Ball Top & Magnetic Base

Magnetic Mounted - Crowd Control w/Ball Top & Magnetic Base
Item# V-ST500MG
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Product Description

Magnetic Mounted - Crowd Control w/Ball Top & Magnetic Base
If you're unwilling to drill into your floor to install stanchions for queue control, we at Crowd Control Experts have a magnetically mounted alternative. Simply install a Magnetic Floor Plate (sold separately), then mount the base that relies upon strong neodymium magnets to hold the post completely upright, even when sustaining low to medium inadvertent impact. This is a 5˝” diameter by 3/16” thick stainless steel magnetic base plate.

In addition to the magnetic base, this stanchion has a good-looking ball top that's sure to complement your décor. Meanwhile, installation is simple, with VHB tape or epoxy; however, if you still would like to drill, permanently installing with screws, that option remains. Otherwise, you are spared possibly expensive installation costs you would face with the standard stanchion variety. Thanks to the centering bolt in the post, you can make it face any direction and align however you desire. Also, the absence of a traditional base means less tripping hazard and more room for customers to roll things like luggage through the area.

When the time comes to remove the post, all you have to do is apply additional force for it to decouple from the base plate. It's that easy. Then, simply pop in the base plate cover to minimize any tripping hazard or queuing hindrance of any kind. Furthermore, the chamfered edges on the base plate further prevent tripping.

Crowd Control Experts always utilizes the strictest quality control inspections to ensure you get a top-quality, dependable product. That's why we confidently offer a 10-year warranty against manufacturer defects. Thus, with Magnetic Mounted stanchions, you will be happy. Another source of happiness is free shipping, since that always occurs on orders exceeding $100.

Please allow a 2-week lead time when ordering non-stock finishes, which must number at least 5. This does not apply to four aluminum varieties: black, yellow, polished, and satin, as well as two chrome — polished and satin — and Satin Stainless Steel.


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