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Even Stanchions Can Be Environmentally Friendly

Even Stanchions Can Be Environmentally Friendly
Our commitment to be environmentally friendly at Crowd Control Experts extends from the way we run our plant to the materials we use in our manufacturing process. We regularly demonstrate it is possible to create superior products that address real-world needs without compromising our environment in any way. One example of this is our ongoing effort to develop the greenest retractable belt stanchions on the market.

To go as green as possible with our materials, we introduced aluminum into our line of crowd control stanchions. Because aluminum is much lighter, it lowers shipping costs and overall impact; plus, it is easier to recycle at the end of the product's life. To produce Polished Chrome and Satin Chrome on steel, caustic chemicals are required. Instead, Polished Aluminum and Satin Aluminum are mechanical finishes, thus reducing the amount of chemicals used and resulting waste.

We also introduced the Utility Stanchion Post, featuring a recycled rubber base. (A recycled base can be added to most other products.) We use recycled corrugated boxes, which are further recyclable. We introduced Knocked-Down shipping, which brings several advantages: It cuts shipping material in half, so it ships much more efficiently; plus, the box is reusable, saving storage space. We offer retractable belt units with longer belts, meaning fewer posts are required to cover the same area.

While using the right materials is a crucial component, equally important is running a clean, modern, energy-efficient plant. That's why we source products from facilities and companies that use green energy-saving methods. For example, one has installed a 50 kW Solar Panel System that will satisfy more than half its annual power demand. It replaced its shop heating unit with four smaller, more efficient units, lowering BTUs by 33 percent. Also, this company replaced its office heating/air conditioning unit with four smaller, efficient units, lowering BTUs by 50 percent. Tinted thermoclear windows were added over shop windows for superior thermal efficiency. Electric, solar-powered forklifts are used instead of propane-powered units, and old factory fluorescent lights have given way to energy-efficient T5 lightning with motion sensors. Also, all office lights were replaced with low-powered ballasts with fewer bulbs per fixture.

To reinforce our respect for the environment, we also changed our practices. No longer do we print catalogs, instead relying upon our website and individual flyers. Besides, printed catalogs quickly become outdated, and printing enormous quantities is necessary to be cost effective, with so many ending up discarded, further taxing the environment.

We not only use scrap paper for in-house paperwork as much as possible, but we are active recyclers. We pay recyclers to take scrap wood products (skids, lumber, packing material, et. al.), which get recycled as landscaping mulch. Old computer equipment is sold to scrappers, who take them apart and recycle the components. We reuse crates and cardboard packaging material we receive from vendors, either using them for other deliveries, or for in-house stocking. We keep the building at a moderate, but comfortable, temperature. Employees wear heavier or lighter clothing during the different seasons. We purchase energy-efficient computers and peripherals.

Go GREEN with CrowdControlExperts.com! When you buy our retractable belt stanchions, you can have the confidence you are getting a quality, environmentally sound product from a company that shares your passion for a clean environment. Help support us as we work together to make the world a better place!

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