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Economical Sign Holders

Economical Sign Holders
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Stanchions and barrier straps have long been an effective way to guide and organize large crowds. But sometimes, a general indication of where to be or not to be just isn't enough, especially for first-time customers and visitors. Economical sign holders are an affordable way to turn your stanchions into the authority on movement matters. These brackets affix to the top of barrier posts and are designed to hold Plexiglas signs that provide simple but clear instructions. Tell customers to "Exit", "Enter Here", "Please Wait" and much more thanks to this effective crowd control accessory.

Our long-lasting sign brackets are available for stanchions with both 7-foot and 12-foot barrier straps, and you can choose from half a dozen satin-, gloss- and mirror-based finishes. Businesses and organizations from banks to restaurants can use this tool to eliminate confusion and keep crowd flow orderly and safe. CrowdControlExperts also sells a variety of Plexiglas sign panels, and you can choose from our pre-engraved messages or create your own. When you order, you'll get free shipping on qualifying orders and a price match guarantee to ensure the best deal possible on our quality stanchion accessories.


Engraved Sign Panels
When it comes to effective crowd control, communication is the key. Stanchions and barriers are a great start for directing traffic flow, but sometimes more is needed to avoid confusion and frustration. Engraved sign panels are a great, long-lasting way to provide instructions to customers and visitors before they even think to ask. These Plexiglas sign panels attach to the top of your stanchions via a sign holder bracket, and have short but effective messages engraved on one side. Choose from standards such as "Exit", "Exit Only" and "Enter Here", or create your own custom message to meet your needs.

Stores, event centers, hotels, casinos and many other places count on these simple signs every day to organize high-traffic areas and keep everyone happy and safe. With a durable weatherproof design, they can even be used in parking lots and outdoor stadiums. Sign panels are available in 7-by-11 inch and 11-by-14 inch sizes. We offer six different sign colors, including black, white, brown, walnut, red and blue. All Plexiglas signs have white text, with the exception of the white signs, which have black text. Order today and get wholesale pricing and expert customer service from an industry leader in crowd control systems.
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