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Extenda-Barrier w/7 ft Strap & Reeded Post

Extenda-Barrier w/7 ft Strap & Reeded Post
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Product Description

Glaro Extenda-Barrier Posts have become so associated with the concept of crowd control, they may seem as old as time itself. These 40-inch tall, 2-inch diameter stanchions link together via nylon belts that extend up to seven feet, allowing you to set up various configurations for guiding the movement of people. Furthermore, the patented spring-loaded barrier strap design and breaking mechanism means the straps effortlessly extend and retract to exactly where you need them, without snap-back recoils or other dangers. When combined with stable, solid steel–weighted bases, Extenda-Barrier crowd control posts are safe for crowds of all ages.

These particular Extenda-Barrier stanchions are constructed with reeded posts and a mirror brass finish, giving them a look well-suited for museums, professional theaters, historic landmarks and other places where a classical look is desired. Design any type of queuing configuration you desire, from straight barriers to classic U-shapes, thanks to aluminum head pieces with three separate spots on which to link another stanchion. No matter what and where you set up, you’ll enjoy organized crowd flow and a neat, professional appearance. Order today and choose from a variety of strap colors including black, burgundy, gray and navy blue while receiving free shipping on orders over $100.

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