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DuraDeck3 - Portable Access Roadway & Temporary Flooring

DuraDeck3 - Portable Access Roadway & Temporary Flooring
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Product Description

A superior alternative to plywood - which cracks, splinters, warps and gets waterlogged - DuraDeck is flexible to allow it to contour to the ground without cracking or breaking. It is durable enough to last through hundreds of uses. Built to withstand extreme temperatures (hot and cold), DuraDeck can be used in nearly any weather condition.

DuraDeck3 was designed with muddy terrain in mind. The smooth underside won't get stuck in mud as it dries, and is easily hosed off when dismantled.

Choose DD3 with the pedestrian friendly surface for outdoor special events and walkways where muddy conditions are expected. The slightly raised pattern is comfortable to walk and stand on, but provides safety and traction.

Simple to Transport, Use & Install
Simply lay the sections and lock into place with the DuraLinkô connection system. Sections can be connected side-to-side and end-to-end enabling you to create a continuous roadway or platform of nearly any size. Mats stack neatly and fit in the back of a pick-up truck.

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