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Concrete Barriers

Concrete Barriers
Our concrete barriers, concrete benches, concrete tables, concrete planters, concrete waste receptacles, concrete ash urns, concrete security products and other concrete site amenities are a great choice where durability and low maintenance are both concerns. This pre-cast concrete products are ideal for the commercial food industry, parks and recreation departments, golf courses, educational campuses and all government facilities.

Our attractive concrete barriers and site amenities include concrete benches, concrete tables, concrete planters, concrete waste receptacles, concrete ash urns and concrete security products. Our steel reinforced products are designed to be both functional and attractive with a variety of colors and finishes. In addition, we offer a line of security concrete barriers for use in creating protective perimeters and controlling traffic without being intrusive to the environment.

Concrete Finish Guide

Concrete Barriers

Concrete barriers are a significant part of any crowd control system. When you want to direct traffic, guide visitors into pathways, secure an area, or keep them out of restricted areas, concrete barriers are the way to go. No longer do you have to put up ugly barricades. Today's barriers are as aesthetically pleasing as they are necessary to prevent terrorism.

We also offer another option in barriers: concrete planters. With these you can mark garden spaces, create corners, define walkways, block vehicular traffic, and even add to landscaping designs by putting in park benches, concrete waste receptacles, and portable barriers. Your space will look beautiful, and the public won't even notice that the barriers are there to control the flow of traffic.

Concrete Barrier Accents

Concrete barriers accent courtyards, bus stops, pedestrian walkways, parking lots, stadiums, schoolyards, and municipalities. Create a perimeter with a series of concrete barriers, park benches, planters, and waste containers. You'll keep your crowd where you want them while they enjoy the eye-catching designs of our barriers. You can also use them to block restricted areas both indoors and outdoors. A large concrete object sends a "do not enter" message to vehicles and pedestrians alike.

When you need concrete barriers for your office building, school, mall, or airport, turn to CrowdControlExperts.com. We can supply you with as few or as many barriers as you need, at the most affordable price on the Web. Our discount concrete barriers are just a hint of the crowd control products we offer, so browse today. You'll find stanchions, ropes, umbrella stands, coat trees, and any other fixture your business may need.

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