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Metal Benches & Tables

Metal Benches & Tables
Choose from our wide selection of metal benches and outdoor tables, accessories, benches with backs, benches without backs, bike racks, picnic tables and specialized benches.

All of our outdoor benches and tables come in a variety of styles and finishes.

Great for use at parks, rest areas, corporate picnic areas, public spaces and gathering places.

Which Mounting Method Should I Choose For My Metal Tables and Benches?

You can choose from a variety of mounting techniques for your tables and benches. They can be left portable, so you can move them from place to place as needed. They can be mounted to a concrete surface. Or they can be permanently mounted into the ground with concrete. All three mounting methods are available on our outdoor metal tables and benches.

Portable Table & Bench Mount

Portable mounts may come with surface mount holes in the legs of the furniture, but if the pieces are not secured with bolts and anchors, the furniture can still be moved. The tables and benches that come with a tubular understructure have no surface mounting holes. Portable Mount furniture may be placed on any surface anywhere and moved at any time.

Surface Table & Bench Mount

Surface mount fixtures have holes in the legs of the furniture for bolts to be inserted into anchors embedded in concrete. When installing this furniture, the holes must be drilled into existing concrete surfaces to embed anchors for the bolts. Tables and benches with tubular understructure have discs welded to the understructure which allows the furniture to rest flat on the ground so that bolts and anchors can then be secured through these discs. Surface mount furniture is meant to be placed on a concrete surface and secured in place.

In-Ground Table & Bench Mount

In-ground mounted furniture resembles surface mounted furniture, but includes "J-Rods" to be inserted through the surface mount holes on a piece of furniture. The bottom of the J-Rod is then embedded in a hole filled with concrete. When the concrete cures, the shape of the J-Rod secures the furniture. Benches that have tubular legs and are in-ground mounted do not use J-Rods. Instead, the understructure ends in approximately 18" of extra pipe with a piece of flatbar welded to the bottom. A deep hole is then dug and filled with concrete. The bench is then set in the concrete to cure. In-ground mounted furniture is placed on a grass or soil surface.

How are the Metal Tables Coated?

Most of our outdoor furniture is covered in a copolymer-based thermoplastic powder coating. Thermoplastic is environmentally safe. The coating will not fade, crack, peel, warp, or discolor for the life of the product. Thermoplastic has the best adhesion rate of any other process. This keeps the metal base free of any corrosion possibilities. Thermoplastic is applied at a thickness of 25-30 mils. This allows maximum protection with the best possible surface. Thermoplastic can be easily repaired. Cuts are repaired by heating the affected area with an industrial heat gun. The thermoplastic will melt and rebind itself. The properties of thermoplastic also make spray painting difficult for vandals. Simply wash product with a standard industrial cleaner. The thermoplastic coating is placed over galvanized steel for the longevity of the product furnishings.

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