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7 ft. Foot Rail Kit

7 ft. Foot Rail Kit
Item# LA-FR1007-2
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Sale price: $168.00

Product Description

Our foot rail kits feature the highest quality railing and components to ensure a professional installation that will last and look great for years to come. All components are packaged together in an easy to carry carton for convenient storage and transportation to the jobsite. Once at the jobsite the product is well protected and easy to maneuver to the point of installation.

Everything you need is included and cut to size so you won't need to spend time looking for the right components and cutting to length. Simply Unpack and Install.

Foot Rail Installation Guide:

Drilling Holes: The set screws packaged with this foot rail kits are self-drilling and self-taping. The self-drilling feature is for brass tubes only. Stainless steel tubing requires pre-drilling of set screw holes.

Attaching to walls: It is highly recommended to use wall studs for all load-bearing applications, such a foot rails. If this is not possible and a wall anchor is used, it is important that the correct size and type be used. Wall anchors come come in a variety of types and sizes. Use heavy-duty anchors.

Removing Protective Film: The tubing will arrive encased in a thin clear film to protect the finish of the metal while working. Leave this on as long as possible, removing only as much as needed to accommodate splices, brackets and set screws during the installation process. all remaining protective film should be removed at the end of the installation.

Splicing Tubes: To join two pieces of tubing, splices are inserted into the end of each tube. Compress the splice with a pair of channel lock pliers and slide it half way into one tube. Then compress the other end of the splice and insert into the other tube. A splice is permanently held in place with either setscrews of adhesive. Whenever possible, the joint should be concealed inside a fitting.

Care and Cleaning: Do not use abrasive cleansers. The finish should be maintained with a metal polish. Our polish restores the brilliance of all metal finishes.

7 ft Bar Rail Kit Includes:
• 2" O.D. Tube, 3' 6" length, qty of 2
• Combo Bracket, qty of 3
• Flat End Cap, qty of 2
• Splice, qty of 1


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