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30' - Mini Socket Mounted Retracta-Belt Posts

30' - Mini Socket Mounted Retracta-Belt Posts
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Product Description

30' - Mini Socket Mounted Retracta-Belt Posts

30' Mini Socket Mounted Retracta-Belt Posts

Easily installed sockets that keep your queue in place with minimal surface impact to your floors. The Mini Socket Mount can be installed in a wide range of floor materials and depths. Most Retracta-Belt® posts can be configured with this mount. Mini Socket Mounted Posts have a spring loaded base and protective nylon disc. These features absorb impact and protect the post and floors. The 30' model has a square 4" polycarbonate head that matches the aluminum post's finish.

Please Note: Posts with a Mini Socket Mounted Base require a Mini Socket (sold separately).

30' Mini Socket Mounted Retracta-Belt Post Features - Small Socket, Big Advantages

• 3/4” diameter socket:
• Only requires a 3/4” x 2” deep hole versus a 4“ x 6” deep hole for standard floor sockets.
• Accommodates thinner floors where larger, deeper sockets can’t be installed.
• Flush-mounted and more visually appealing on the floor surface when posts are removed than standard sockets.

Simple and quick installation:
• Takes approximately 10 minutes to install each socket.
• Save money on installation labor costs compared to other permanent/ semi-permanent stanchions.
• Neat installation, clean results.

Works with a variety of floors:
• Ideal for cement, terrazzo, tile, and granite.
• Multiple anchor options accommodate different floor depths, materials and conditions.

Safe For Your Customers And Your Floors
• Internal spring-loaded assembly: allows the post to lean about 10 degrees in any direction, so it absorbs impact from accidental abuse such as carts.
• Nylon disc: protects end of the post and floor surface from getting damaged due to post movement.
• Rotates 350 degrees: so you can align your belts.
• Posts remove easily from the socket: making floor maintenance easy.

Mini Socket Specifications
Standard Anchor:
• 3/4" OD x 1-7/8" depth
• Internally threaded with 5/8-11 threads
• Includes threaded cap
• Installed with or without epoxy (not included)

Installation Instructions for Mini Socket:
1. Lay out socket locations, spacing the centerlines at least 6” less than belt length (ex: 9’6” or less with 10’ belt).
2. Drill 3/4" hole approximately 2" deep. A core drill mounted in a stand gives the straightest hole and the cleanest edges for a flush mount socket.
3. Clean out and dry hole.
4. (Optional) Inject epoxy into bottom and sides of hole.
5. Insert anchor flush with floor (tap with hammer if required) and tighten set screw.
6. Install caps and wait for epoxy to cure before installing posts (Note: over-tightening may cause the post to lean. To correct, slightly loosen the post from the socket).


Mini Sockets For Mini Socket Mounted Retracta-Belt Posts
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