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30' - Magnetic Mounted Retracta-Belt Posts

30' - Magnetic Mounted Retracta-Belt Posts
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Product Description

30' - Magnetic Mounted Retracta-Belt Posts

30' Magnetic Mounted Retracta-Belt Posts

Magnetic Mounted Retracta-Belt™ stanchions are the only semi-permanent posts that don't require drilling into your floors. This prevents queue lines from shifting throughout the day, with the added advantage of avoiding costly floor repairs when posts are no longer needed. They're ideal for airports and other leased facilities.

Extremely strong neodymium magnets at the base keep the post in place during low to medium impacts, but remove with additional force when you need to. The 6" diameter base plate cover leaves a small surface footprint so there’s less risk of a tripping hazard, and you have an unobstructed queuing area.

Please Note: Posts with a Magnetic Mount Base require a Magnetic Floor Plate (sold separately)

30' Magnetic Mounted Retracta-Belt Post Features:

• Extremely strong neodymium magnets: hold post upright and in a straight line during normal use and low/medium impacts.
• Posts decouple from base plate with additional force: for removal when not in use.
• Simple installation: VHB tape, epoxy, or a drill means a neat application and clean results.
• Quick installation: saves money on installation labor costs compared to other permanent/ semi-permanent stanchions.
• Same base connection as other Retracta-Belt® posts: so you can easily convert existing portable stanchions to a magnetic mount.
• 6" diameter base cover: small footprint for an open queuing area. No base means less tripping hazard, and more space for customers to roll luggage through the queue.
• Post can face any direction: so you can align your belts and reconfigure queue lines with minimal effort.
• Centering bolt in post: aligns with hole in base plate to maintain proper positioning.
• 5-1/2” diameter x 3/16” thick stainless steel magnetic base plate.
• Chamfered edges on base plate: prevent tripping when posts are removed.
• Versatile installation: Base mounts with surface adhesive to avoid permanent damage from drilling, or can be permanently installed with screws.
• 10 year warranty against Mfg defects.


Magnetic Floor Plate for Magnetic Retracta-Belt & Conventional Stanchions
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